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      We are, ZAGA AGRO INDUSRY & TRADING Ltd, think and hope that we can develop good business relationship with Mutual benefits and with full legal and corporate responsibility in Cotonou, Republic of BENIN, we are ready, willing and able to supply NON-GMO soybeans, Raw Cashew Nuts, Peanut... If interested to import or you have clients for it, our avalable to sign a contrat with your Compagny for long terms collaboration. 
      E-mail : gastonzannou@gmail.com 
      whatsapp +229-6499-3801
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    • Ibrahim Conlon

      I offer below supply my preferred offer; Al Khaleeji
      SPEC:        ICUMSA 45
      QTY;         20FT CONTAINERS
      MOQ:        400MT -25M  X 20FT
      PRICE:        $465 USD/MT  CIF  
      TERMS:      MT103 or LC at sight                  
      INCO:         CIF
      Procedure; FIRM (FC0 Offer given on receipt of current, dated, direct LOI. We can issue NCNDA anytime so end buyer/mandate deal direct to us.

      Ibrahim Conlon    AUSTRALASIA HEALTH:    www.australasiahealth.com.au
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    • Ibrahim Conlon

      Hi Welcome to SUGAR TRADE GLOBAL Telegram group.
      SUGAR ONLY HERE. All other posts removed.
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    • Ibrahim Conlon

      ICUMSA SUGAR BRAZIL NOVEMBER PRICING. TOP 50 BANKS ONLY.  SB-LC-BG MT760 Transferrable terms.  Contact us direct for DIRECT END SALES. Please no agent chains. We will issue NCNDA and mandate will deal direct to us. We need to QUALIFY the buyer & order. Your commission protected under NCNDA & IMPFA. Ibrahim      Ibrahim@australasiahealth.com.au
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    • Solvents99

      We are glad to offer from 
      1 fcl to 2000 mt For your valuable requirements for direct import in your name for following products
      1) White spirit
      2) MEG
      3) DEG
      4) TEG
      5) Toluene
      6) Methanol
      7) Caustic Soda flakes/Pearl's/Prills
      8) Soda Ash
      9) Hydrated lime
      10) Calcium carbonate
      11) Calcium Chloride
      12) TDI
      13) Polyol
      14) Base oil all grades
      15) Engine oil all grades
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