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  • #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY is the forum of Global Topics that are the world feed of #tag focused and relevant information regarding its theme title. The topic activity includes an unique vision of each participant there and every possible sides of topic: business proposals, professional discussion, social impact, reviews and news. It is the main board of the world leaders, recommended posts and featured content. From here begins the world network of social omni-channels and groups!

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    • Tab Chen

      GLL updated Air Sea Rail rates to Russia till 2018.03.15
      ***Sea Freight***
      GLK update the rate to  ST.P(FISH PORT/FCT/PLP)   
      USD1350/2000/2000 (Include LSS WSC DTHC DDF)   for HK/NS/YT/XM/NB/SH/QD/TJ/DL   03.05-03.15
      GLK update the rate to  KOTKA       
      USD800/1350/1350  (Include LSS)                             for HK/NS/YT/XM/NB/SH/QD/TJ/DL    03.05-03.15
      GLK update the rate to  RIGA/TALLINN       
      USD850/1450/1450  (Include LSS)                             for HK/NS/YT/XM/NB/SH/QD/TJ/DL    03.05-03.15
      GLK update the rate to  Klaipeda     
      USD850/1450/1450  (Include LSS)                             for HK/NS/YT/XM/NB/SH/QD/TJ/DL    03.05-03.15
      GLY update the rate   to ST.P(FCT)                        
      USD1425/1650/1650 (Include LSS WSC )                   for YT/SH/NB/XM/NB/SH/QD/TJ         03.01-03.15
      GLY update the rate   to KLAIPEDA                        
      USD1050/1500/1500 (Include LSS )                          for YT/SH/NB/XM/NB/SH/QD/TJ         03.01-03.15
      GLY update the rate   to Kotka                       
      USD1150/1450/1450 (Include LSS   )                        for YT/SH/NB/XM/NB/SH/QD/TJ         03.01-03.15
      GLC update the rate   to ST.P(FCT)  
      USD950/1500/1500   (Include LSS WSC )             for YT/SK/HK/NS/SH/NB/QD/TJ/DL/XM           03.05-03.14
      GLC update the rate   to KOTKA/RIGA/KLAIPEDA   
      USD850/1300/1300   (Include LSS WSC )             for YT/SK/HK/NS/SH/NB/QD/TJ/DL/XM           03.05-03.14
      We also have services from Pearl River Ports, Yangtze River Ports,Other Asian Ports
      If you have freight collect shipments , our company can provide free agency service.

      ***Air Freight***
      FOB PEK-SVO2 byRU  +1000KG  USD1.90/KG ,  PEK-SVO2  T/T 1 Day
      FOB PEK-DME   byRU  +1000KG USD1.90/KG ,  PEK-DME  T/T 1 Day

      FOB CAN-SVO2 by8L   +1000KG USD1.95/KG ,  D5  KMG-SVO2  T/T 1 Day
      FOB CAN-DME  byVN   +1000KG USD2.05/KG ,  Daily  CAN-SGN-DME  T/T 5-7 Days
      FOB CAN-HEL  byJL    +1000KG USD2.88/KG ,  Daily  CAN-NRT-HEL  T/T 4-5 Days
      FOB CAN-MSQ byTK   +1000KG USD4.15/KG ,  Daily  CAN-IST-MSQ  T/T 4-5 Days
      FOB CAN-MSQ byCA   +1000KG USD3.05/KG ,  Daily  CAN-PEK-MSQ  T/T 5-7 Days

      FOB HKG-SVO2 byRU   +1000KG USD3.40/KG ,  Daily HKG-SVO2  T/T 1 Day
      FOB HKG-DME  byRU   +1000KG USD3.40/KG ,  D3.5 HKG-DME  T/T 1 Day
      FOB HKG-HEL   byAY    +1000KG USD3.40/KG ,  Daily  HKG-HEL  T/T 1 Day
      FOB HKG-MSQ  byAY   +1000KG USD4.55/KG ,  Daily  HKG-HEL-MSQ  T/T 3-5 Days

      Valid to this weekend
      We also have fixed space per week, the best case by case.

      ***Rail Freight***
      We also have below block train services from China to  Minsk and Moscow
      Chengdu to Vorsino 183502  沃尔西诺(Moscow)  T/T 18 days
      Tianjin to Khorrino 060001 霍夫里诺(Moscow)  T/T 15 days
      USD5600/2*20GP  USD3300/40HQ
      Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Shanghai to Khorrino 060001 霍夫里诺(Moscow)  T/T 20 days
      USD6000/2*20GP  USD3400/40HQ
      Xiamen/Ningbo/Qingdao to Khorrino 060001 霍夫里诺(Moscow)  T/T 20 days
      USD6200/2*20GP  USD3500/40HQ
      Shenzhen/Guangzhou to Kolyadichi 144809  科利亚季奇(Minsk)   T/T 20 days
      Shanghai/Ningbo to Kolyadichi 144809  科利亚季奇(Minsk)   T/T 20 days
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    • O9C4.COM

      #O9C4COM | Community Audience Overview
      Sessions by country (Last 30 days, Top)
      1. India (Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Kerala, West Bengal, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh)
      2. Nigeria (Lagos, Federal Capital Territory, Edo, Ondo)
      3. United States (California, New York, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Kansas, Illinois)
      4. Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi)
      5. United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ajman, Ruwais)
      6. Indonesia (Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar, Bandung, Makassar, Malang, Pekanbaru, Yogyakarta, Samarinda)
      7. Italy (Milan, Florence, Naples, Rome, Rimini, Bari, Casamassima, Quartu Sant'Elena, Troina)
      8. United Kingdom (England, Scotland)
      9. Malaysia (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Kelantan, Malacca, Penang, Sarawak)
      10. Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk Oblast, Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Tatarstan, Krasnodar Krai, Kemerovo Oblast, Leningrad Oblast, Moscow Oblast, Stavropol Krai)
      PAGES REPORT (Top Global Topics, Last 30 days)
      1. Indonesia Business Groups (WhatsApp group)
      3. DUBAI BUSINESS 2020 (WhatsApp group)
      4. OIL GAS (WhatsApp group)
      6. MMM Federal Republic of Nigeria (WhatsApp group chat)
      7. Arora textiles (WhatsApp group)
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    • wendy

      layer chciekn cage
      At this time, many of our customers( Nigeria, Tanzania,  Ghana, Ugandan etc., ) purchase chicken equipment to expand their farm. If you decide to begin the chciken rearing, it is the time. To let you get well known of our chicken cage, here we send you the details for your reference. If you are interested in that, please mail us.
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      Feb Food Ingredients Price Report from FOODCHEM
      we would like to promote some food ingredients with excellent discount prices.
      Pls check below items and welcome your inquiries for any of them:
        Product Name Current Price
      (FOB CHINA ) Origin Price
      (FOB CHINA )  Stock(KGS) Validity Acidulants Sodium Citrate US$0.76 US$0.79 50000 5 Working Days Preservative Potassium Sorbate US$3.80 US$3.95 26000 Amino Acid Ascorbic Acid US$9.00 US$9.5-US$10 22000 Thickeners Xanthan Gum Food Grade
      200 Mesh or 80Mesh
      US$2.30 US$2.4-US$2.5 20000 Konjac Gum 36000CPS For Meat US$13.50 US$14.00 6000 Sweeterner Sucralose US$37.50 US$38.00 2000 Soium Saccharin(20-40Mesh) US$6.05 US$6.20 44000 Phosphate SAPP ROR28 US$1.25 US$1.35 50000 For other demand items, pls also feel free to check with us, we will provide you competitive solution.
      Hope to help you fix the order ASAP to catch earlier delivery date.
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    • Kevin

      Invitation from Gaoke Group about ISE and GESS Exhibition
      We are going to participate in GESS Dubai 2018 which will be held from 27th, Feb-1st, March in Dubai, 
      and Integrated System Europe 2018 which will be held from 6th, Feb-9th, Feb in Netherlands this year. 

      And we will take all our new products to there.

      So hereby we officially invite you to visit our show and have a meeting there to discuss our future cooperation.
      If you can arrange time to meet us there please let me know you exact visiting time.
      BTW, our booth no. is as following,

      GESS 2018   Dubai World Trade Center  Booth No.:G32
      ISE 2018   Hall 5,Booth No.:U57
      Looking forward to your visiting.
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