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  • #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY is the forum of Global Topics that are the world feed of #tag focused and relevant information regarding its theme title. The topic activity includes an unique vision of each participant there and every possible sides of topic: business proposals, professional discussion, social impact, reviews and news. It is the main board of the world leaders, recommended posts and featured content. From here begins the world network of social omni-channels and groups!

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    • alina-AOSIF Generators

      We will offer you 1% lower quotation than the present best offer you get
      This is alina from Xiamen aosif engineering ltd. We are diesel generators manufacturer, and have 33,333 square meter factory located in Zhangzhou, Fujian.

      In order to celebrate AOSIF 18th anniversary, we will carry out series activities, aimed at making more customers to know more about AOSIF, including history, culture, mission as well as AOSIF product quality and service ability. 

      Firstly, we offer you a big sales promotion news about our Cummins generator in June. Following is the price of some models of Cummins gensets.

      Prime power 150kva 50hz open genset : 6BTAA5.9-G12+ Copy stamford alternator AA-120-4 : FOB Price $9579 
      Prime power 313kva 50hz open genset : MTAA11-G3+ copy stamford alternator AA-250-4 : FOB Price $16672
      Prime power 400kva 50hz open genset : QSNT-G3+ copy stamford alternator AA-320-4 : FOB Price $23630
      Prime power 800kva 50hz open genset : KTA38-G2B+ copy stamford alternator AA-640-4 : FOB Price $64678
      Secondly, during this month, just tell us your latest and best purchase price, we promise that for the same specs generator,  our price will be always 1% lower price than the present best price you can get. This is not a promotion, neither nor special discounts, we just hope that you can take this opportunity to enjoy AOSIF high quality generators and excellent service. 
      Let us know your price and your requirements, please! AOSIF professional sales team has been ready to serve for you. 
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    • Christina

      freight forwarder & Supplier of Alibaba
      This is Christina from ISCM China.
      We are focus on freight forwarding service from China to overseas.
      Besides normal Seafreight & Airfreight, we now promoted our Value-Added Service to both Csgn & Overseas Agents.
      *Bring the best solutions for our customers at any time and anywhere
      *Assist client on Checking the Credit of their new suppliers at China
      *Monitoring Container Status and Customs Situation in safety
      General Main Service We Provide Now:
      1)        Freight forwarder by Air & Sea to final destination
      2)        Customs Brokerage
      3)        FCL & Full container load
      4)        LCL &  Less container load
      5)        Trucking
      6)        Door to Door
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    • Dongguan TZC Printing

      TZC new packaging production--PP non woven bag
      Glad to tell you that we have new production line for the pp non-woven packaging bag, if you have any pending orders or inquiry about the flexible packaging, please contact me with no hesitate,we are sure any of your inquiry will get our prompt attention & reply. Thanks. 
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    • Kevin

      Video Wall solution from Gaoke Grou
      Here recommend you our video wall solution including controller,wall mount,software,cables etc.
      For now the narrowest bezel we can do is 1.8mm only.And all panels are from original LG or Samsung.
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    • Tab Chen

      Globallink updated Air rates from China to SVO2/DME/LED/HEL/TLL/RIX/VNO/WAW/MSQ/KBP/TBS
      Hope you are well, Please kindly updated our services as below:

      ***Air Freight*** We also have air services from PVG CAN SZX NGB XMN XIY CKG TAO WUH HKG TPE ICN and so on.
      FOB PEK-SVO2     +1000KG  USD2.15/KG ,  PEK-SVO2  T/T 1 Day
      FOB PEK-DME      +1000KG  USD2.35/KG ,  PEK-DME  T/T 1 Day
      FOB PEK-LED       +1000KG  USD2.40/KG ,  PEK--WUH-LED  T/T 4 Days
      FOB PEK-HEL       +1000KG  USD1.95/KG ,  PEK-NRT-HEL  T/T 3-4 Days
      Valid to this weekend

      ***Sea Freight***
      We have 20GP 40GP 45HQ 20OT 40OT 20FR 40FR 20RF 40RF rates to Baltic sea Black sea and Europe base ports.

      ***Rail Freight*** FOR SHANGHAI/SHENZHEN TO KOUVOLA USD4900/40HQ   T/T about 20 days
      We also have below block train services from China to  Minsk and Moscow
      Chengdu/Jinan/Ganzhou/Nanjin/Suzhou/Dongguan/Guangzhou/Wuhan/Zhengzhou to Vorsino 183502  沃尔西诺(Moscow)  T/T 18 days

      Hope it can work with your company.   PS: If you don't enjoy our service, please kindly inform us. we will remove you from our list, and you will never receive this kind of email again.
      Your kindness will be appreciated.Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance.
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    • The global community is one form. State boundaries are contingent - the whole Earth is our home, our world, for which we are responsible, where each person can live anywhere and use all resources of the planet. We have a common house and common tasks: environment, food supply, access to drinking water, education, aid to children and elderly, migration, unemployment and poverty, protection of health, preservation of peoples culture. O9C4.COM is a platform to unite community members in global alliances, where each group will be responsible for their craft across the planet, improve technology, provide best quality at reasonable prices, as well as working on common tasks. We propose to combine the resources, experience and skills, instead of competition.
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