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    • nina-aosif

      Welcome to visit AOSIF in 124th Canton Fair
      The 124th Canton Fair is coming.
      We hereby sincerely invite you to visit our booth for further cooperation. The booth details as follwing:
      Date:          Oct. 15 ~ 19, 2018
      Booth No.: 3.1G40-42
      Add:           Pazhou Exhibition Center,  Guangzhou, China
      Tel:             86- 152 5921 6150
      Contact:     Nina Tong
      Email:         nina@aosif.com.cn
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    • Oreste

      Altoco Limited offer:
      1. Buyer issue LOI/ICPO and Passport copy to seller with targeting price.
      2. Seller issued FCO to buyer; buyer signed FCO and returns it to seller.
      3. Seller issues Draft Contract for buyer to countersign upon acceptance of terms and conditions.
      4. Seller confirms final contract, at own expense legalizes & notarizes it and submit partial POP to buyer (via email):
      A. Commitment Letter to Supply,
      B. Transaction Passport (Transfer Certificate),
      C. Product Injection Report/ Sanitary Commercial invoice, 
      D. Seller’s Registration Certificate,
      E. Final Legal Notarized SPA Copy.
      5. Seller at own expense, charters with shipping/logistic company and alert buyer on shipment ordered graphic/schedule (ETD) accompanied with submission of Vessel details to buyer.
      6. Upon shipment schedule announcement, buyer’s bank within Six (6) working days shall swift DLC/MT700 or SBLC to seller’s bank, seller’s bank responds with contractual operative 2% PB
      and full POP below to buyer’s bank within twenty-four (24) hours since buyer’s instrument confirmed by seller’s bank:-
      A. Copy of License to Export, Issued by the Ministry of Energy, 
      B. Copy of Approval to Export, Issued by Ministry of Justice,
      C. Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product,
      D. Copy of the Refinery commitment to produce the Product,
      E. Certificate of Origin,
      F. Copy of the Port Storage Agreement,
      G. Copy of the CPA, to Transport the Product to Discharge Port, 
      H. Vessel Q88,
      I. Copy of SGS (Done at loading port), 
      J. Copy of Bill of Lading (BL).
      H. Allocation Transaction Passport Code Certificate [ATPCC].
      7. Upon confirmation of buyer’s instrument by seller’s bank shipment commences from 5-10 days as accordingly with to ETD. According to PROCEDURE (# 6), In case if the buyer FAILED to issue agreed banking instrument within said Six (6) working days, on an alternative provision, within seventy-two (72) hours, buyer shall immediately pay negotiable (%) of shipment value via TT-wire to seller’s Logistic Company or Escrow governing to guaranteeing of restoring Chartered Performance, Vessel ETD and Rectification to ordered lifting graphic with loading port authority, the paid agreed (%) will later been deducted from product’s Invoice payment value.
      8. Upon successful product confirmation against CIQ Report of Quality and Quantity at destination port, buyer makes payment by MT103 or T/T wire transfer.
      9. Seller, within seventy two (72) hours, pays commissions to all intermediaries involved in the transaction.
      Mail: sales.manager@altocolimited.com
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    • 75533 SIKANDAR KARVA

      We have 2 dust identified as 100 IK & 200(P) containing precious & PGM Metals  like Gold(Au), Silver(Ag), Iridium(Ir), Ruthenium(Ru), Rhenium(Re), Platinum(Pt), Palladium(Pd) & Osmium(Os) in it.

      1) 100 IK dust:
      attached herewith the ICP-OES (Sovereign Metals) report of the dust.

      After smelting 100 IK dust with the Litharge, Soda Ash & Borax received metal shows the contents of Precious & PGM Metals in %.
      attached herewith the report of 100 IK Metal (Varsha Bullion) for your reference.
      2) 200(P) dust:
      attached herewith the ICP-MS (CVR Lab, Chennai) & ICP-OES (Sovereign Metals) report of the dust.

      After smelting 200(P) dust with the Litharge, Soda Ash & Borax received metal shows the contents of Precious & PGM Metals in %.
      attached herewith the report of 200(P) Metal(Varsha Bullion) for your reference.

      We are looking for the potential buyer for our material. Do you know any concern company which can help us to recycle the Precious & PGM metals or buys such material.
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    • Sanjeev jain

      Invest in Singapore 🇸🇬
      Singapore has perfect environment to conduct business.
      # NEW company formation 
      # local partner assistance 
      # office Managment 
      # trading business 
      # exports 
      • invest in restaurants 
      •invest in running business
      •invest in real estate 
      • invest in new business 
      • IT and enabled business 
      • stand-alone business available 
      • private equity participation in companies 
      * full assistance given locally to expand and grow your business*
      For appointment call us- 12th -16th September in Mumbai
      ✅ Expand and Grow Your Business Globally with Right Partner. ✅
      We Assist You Getting:-
      👉New Company Formation.
      👉Corporate and Personal Bank Account Opening.
      👉 Virtual/ Registered Office packages
      👉Get You A Company Secretary.
      👉Get You Accounting and Auditing Services
      👉 Local Statutory Licenses and Permits
      👉Permanent Residency
      👉Second passport and citizenship services
      👉Trademark Registration
      👉 E-commerce business setup including setting up payment gateway accounts
      👇Our Services Available In 👇
      USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand Bangladesh, Ukraine, Dubai, And More Than 100+ Countries Globally
      sanjeev jain
      📱 +91-9810709988
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    • Mr. NIMBA

      Quality: Grade 2
      Grain: 115/120 max/100gr
      Broken: 1%
      Moldy: 10%max

      Origin: Côte d'Ivoire 🇨🇮
      Quantity Delivery: 500 T/ month
      Ports of Loading: Abidjan and San Pedro
      Payment Base: Opened LC from a prime bank
      We only consider real and serious End-buyers who issue first an authentic LOI and then we can reply by sending Seller Invoice, SCO, Boarding Slip
      Send the LOI at :info@nimbaedenpark.com
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