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  • #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY is the forum of Global Topics that are the world feed of #tag focused and relevant information regarding its theme title. The topic activity includes an unique vision of each participant there and every possible sides of topic: business proposals, professional discussion, social impact, reviews and news. It is the main board of the world leaders, recommended posts and featured content. From here begins the world network of social omni-channels and groups!

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      I sell manganese, origin Peru, 
      we can supply from 5,000 to 10,000 tons per month
      Law + 40%
      Port of embarkation Salaverry Peru
      Only FOB, price $ 180 x tm
      Payment method 100% LC, Confirmed and irrevocable.
      WhatSapp +51933507897
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    • Virdi

      Payment terms - DLC acceptable from prime banks - 
      we can offer / sell  ICUMSA 45
      SPOT : 300USD/MT
      CONTRACT : 280USD/MT
      SPOT : 290USD/MT
      CONTRACT : 270USD/MT
      SPOT : 280USD/MT
      CONTRACT : 260USD/MT
      SPOT : 260USD/MT
      CONTRACT : 240USD/MT
      SPOT : 240USD/MT
      CONTRACT : 220USD/MT
      *All prices remain same for ASWP. All prices include 5$ commission....  Anyone interested in the offer may kindly    Contact - victorysuppliers1234@gmail.com or ping me personally....
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    • Abayomi

      Available for sale in commercial quantities: BBQ hardwood charcoals Nigeria origin. Specifications of product: 2 inch plus sizes, no stones, no dust, no sparkling, well dried and burn good. We also handle the documentation and custom clearance of the service from the port 
      Our business is open and aboveboard, straight forward in all business affairs. Contact me for best offer.
      WhatsApp/Telegram: +2347062641000
      📧 :digitalwisdom22@gmail.com
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      HOT OFFER !!!!!
      Palm Acid Oil / MIKO
      Spec : FFA 50-70%, Moisture Content 2-3%, Insoluble Impurities 0,1-0,2%, Safonication Value 250-275 MgKOH/gr
      Price : US$365/MT FOB (Full Export Document) Banjarmasin Port Indonesia
      MOQ : 3,000 Metric Ton pershipment, Vessel prepared by Buyer (Spot/Contract)
      Payment : 100% Irrevocable Transferable Confirmed Acceptanced LC/SBLC from Top Bank (Familiar Bank in World)
      Contact :
      WA +6282315440303
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      HOT OFFER !!!!!
      - CPO, Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Price + US$5 per MT, FOB Indonesia (Bulk, Included Levy Tax)
      - CP10, US$610/MT, FOB Indonesia (Bulk, Included Levy Tax)
      - CP10, US$638/MT, FOB Indonesia (Flexibag 20 ft Container, Included Levy Tax)
      - CP8, US$656/MT, FOB Indonesia (Bulk, Included Levy Tax)
      - CP8, US$684/MT, FOB Indonesia (Flexibag 20 ft Container, Included Levy Tax)
      Payment : 100% Irrevocable Transferable Confirmed Acceptance LC at Sight / SBLC
      Contact : 
      WA +6282315440303
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