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    • Jalil Mondal

      Dear Sir
      We are reliable TRADER and NEGOTIATOR of commodities:
      Please find the commodities we deal :
      1. RICE & PADDY: (IR64, IR36, Sona Masoori, Swarna,1121 Basmati, Etc. from India,  Vietnam & Thailand, Pakistan.
      2. GRAINS & Pulses (Corn, Soybean, Barley, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Red Lentils, Peas Etc)
      3.           SUGAR (ICUMSA 45, 150, 600-1200) from Brazil, Thailand, India. Custom cleared  warehouse sugar in Dubai and HSS SUGAR in Jabel Ali port, Dubai.
      4. EDIBLE OILS (Soybean, Sunflower, Corn, Rapeseed, MUSTARD, Olive oil)
      5.          PETROLEUM PRODUCTS FROM REFINERY IN RUSSIA: (VIRGIN D6; D2, EN590; JP54, JET A1, REBCO; MAZUT M100 Gost 10585-75, Gost 10585-99; LNG- Liquefied Natural Gas GOST 5542-87; LPG-Liquefied Petroleum Gas GOST 20448 – 90; BITUMEN Petroleum Asphalt 60/70, Petroleum Asphalt 80/100; Gasoline; Petcoke).
      6.          Full Cream Milk Powder, skim Milk Powder, Sweet Whey Powder from Turkey, Belarus.
      7.          STEEL PRODUCTS:  HRC, HR Plate, CRC, CR Sheet, HDGI coils, PPGI coils, Galvalume Coils, PPGL Coils, ERW, SSAW, Square/Rectangular Tube, Hot Dipped Tube/Pre-Galvanized Tube, Seamless Pipe, H/I-beam, channel steel, angel steel, flat bar, Rebars, Wire rod, rebar coils, billet, slad from China, India, Turkey.
      8.          Clinker, Fly ash, Gypsum, Limestone, Cement, Barite stone, Barite Crystal, Dolomite rock, Copper stone, Iron ore, Sulfur, Silica, Bentonite, MicI Perlite, Calcium carbonate, bauxite.
      9.          FINANCIAL SUPPORT: loan against LC/DLC/SBLC/SBLC LEASE FOR 60/90/180 day's direct from provider.
      PAYMENT TERM: Irrevocable non-transferable/Transferable, Confirmed DLC/LC/SBLC at sight/TT.
      Please communicate directly any buyers or buyers mandate with me and send LOI/ICPO, buyer's company profile and BCL/RWA than we can try to serve maximum services. 
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    • Oreste

      D6 Virgin Fuel Oil  (Spec. 038%, 0.27 API)
      Quantity: 25,000,000 Gallons Spot & 100,000,000 Gallons X 12 Months with r/e-60 Months (quantity could be adjusted after first shipments)
      Commissions: shared 50% seller side and 50% buyer side. Buyer pay buyer side
      Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel A-1/TS-1 Kerosene (Gost 10227-86)
      Quantity: 750,000 Bbls Spot and 2,000,000 Bbls X 12 Months with r/e-60 Months 
      Commissions: shared 50% seller side and 50% buyer side. Buyer pay buyer side
      Origin: Russian
      Loading Port: FOB Rotterdam
      Delivery Port: FOB Rotterdam
      Shipping Time: Immediately Spot Liftable
      Payment: MT103/TT Wire Transfer for first immediate liftable. While contract shall be by Non-Operative SBLC
      Proposed Shipping/Lifting Schedule: October 2018- October 2019 with r/e up to 60 Months

      NOTE: Seller has the capacity to provide the product, D6 Virgin Oil Fuel simultaneously, and in large volume, using both Pipeline system and Vessels in worldwide operations.
      Per first time transaction we can only accept minimum quantity.
      Upon successful payment, the banks transactions on buyer side is smoothly going, quantity could be adjusted after first shipments.
      1. Buyer issues ICPO containing full banking information
      2. Discussion about the final delivery terms for first shipment
      3. Seller issues Contract to Buyer, Buyer review Draft Contract and make amendments if necessary, sign, seal and return to Seller for final approval
      4. Seller issues to Buyer a Partial Proof of Product as follows:
      a) Company Registration License
      b) Export License
      c) Refinery Confirmation Letter to supply the product (s)
      d) Product Passport and Q&Q done by indigenous lab
      e) Certificate of Origin from Chamber of Commerce & Industry
      f) Bill of Lading
      g) Vessel Q88
      5. In case of FOB delivery Buyer provides to the Seller a sufficient proof of storage capacity freely available and reserved for first lift (TSR/Q88)*
      6. In the various delivery options the Seller always releases the below documents to the Buyer:
      a) Dip Test Authorisation (DTA)
      b) Fresh SGS Report issued on basis of Dip Test on board of Seller’s vessel in Rotterdam water OR in Seller’s Tank in Rotterdam
      c) Pipeline Injection Report
      d) Authorization to Board (ATB)
      e) Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)
      7. Upon Loading or Tanker Take Over and inspection by SGS for loaded product Buyer instantly (same day) releases the payment to seller’s bank via MT103/TT
      8. Seller releases the payment of commissions to seller's mandates/ intermediaries and Buyer releases the payment of commissions to Buyer's mandates/ intermediaries within 24 hours.
      * NOTE: As per contract procedures for release of DTA, buyer has to provide us TSR or a Q88, which the Refinery will verify. It is important for us to know where the tanks are and whether they are capable of receiving the product, which shows the true intentions of purchase.
      As per mutual agreement basing on available product, please see our 3 delivery options:
      a) Tanker Take Over (TTO) on CIF terms – re-directing to Buyer's final destination port.  In this option of delivery by Tanker Take Over charter costs for freight forwarding have to be borne by the Buyer
      b) FOB into Buyer's Vessel at place of Rotterdam or other western port. In this option of delivery into Buyer's Vessel at place of Rotterdam the Buyer has present in its place the VESSEL'S CHARTER PARTY AGREEMENT (CPA) AND Q88.
      c) FOB into Buyer's Tank in Rotterdam. In this option Buyer will have to provide to the Seller a sufficient proof of storage capacity freely available and reserved for first shipment.
      MAIL: sales.manager@altocolimited.com
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    • Oreste

      Altoco Limited offer:
      Aviation kerosene FOB Rotterdam
      Price: NW Platt Gross USD 9 Net USD 7,
      First shipment 1ML
      Contract quantity 2 ML x 12 month.
      1.Seller’s Official Representative Issues Soft Offer and buyer sends
      ICPO, CP and Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) as proof of storage tank
      2.Seller verifies and issues: Commercial Invoice (CI) for the
      available quantity in the storage tank, along with Commitment to
      supply, Statement of product Availability and Certificate of origin of
      the product.
      3.Buyer Signs and returns CI to Seller along with an ATV approved by
      their logistics company for seller’s verification purposes.
      4.Upon receipt of the signed CI and ATV, seller verifies and issues
      the POP documents:
      A. Seven 7 days Unconditional DTA
      B. B. 48 hours Fresh SGS Report in Rotterdam
      C. loading port injection report
      D. Product Passport
      E. Tank Receipt
      F. ATSC
      G. Bill of Lading
      5.Upon successful verification of the POP documents, Buyer orders SGS to conduct Dip test of the product in the Seller's tank at buyer
      6.Following the completion of the Dip Test, seller injects the fuel into buyer’s leased Storage Tank and seller submits the full injection
      report to the buyer
      7.Buyer makes 100% payment by MT103 TT wire transfer for the total
      product and Seller pays commission to all Seller side intermediaries
      as buyer likewise pays commissions to all Buyer Side intermediaries
      involved in the transaction within 24 hours after confirmation of the buyer’s payment.
      8.Seller issues draft SPA to buyer to review for R&E monthly
      9.Buyer reviews and approves the SPA and issues SBLC/IRDLC
      irrevocable, non transferable, auto revolving for 12 monthly shipment
      value and documentary letter of credit for length of contract and for
      each lift per schedule. Buyer pays after dip test by MT103 Wire
      transfer on each monthly quantity.
      10.The subsequent delivery shall commence according to the terms and conditions of the contract, and mandates/intermediaries receive their commissions according to monthly deliveries.
      Mail: sales.manager@altocolimited.com
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    • Oreste

      Altoco Limited offer:
      Available at Rotterdam for immediate lift.
      Quantity: Minimum 100,000 MT, Maximum 300,000 MT
      FOB PRICE: $-25 GROSS / $-15 NET
      COMMISSION: $5 / $5 (Buyer side open)
      1. Buyer sends ICPO as per seller procedure terms and conditions along with tank storage agreement (TSA) from the buyer tank farm / CPA with seller name stipulated in it as the official supplier of the product.
      2. Seller issue Commercial Invoice CI, for the available quantity in the storage tank in Rotterdam along with ICC WARNING LETTER company registration certificate, commitment to supply, stamen of product availability.
      3. Buyer sign the Commercial Invoice alongside their tank farm / CPA provider to prove buyer storage tank availability / Vessel availability to lift the product immediately after the Dip test in the seller storage tank / Vessel, and return with NCNDA/IMFPA signed by all buyer groups with commission structures.
      4. Seller “issue ATV for physical verification of the product and Unconditional DTA.
      A. Fresh SGS (Q &Q report) less than 48 hours.
      B. Tank storage receipt. (TSR) with the tank GPS coordinate.
      C. Authorization to sell and Collect (ATSC).
      D. Injection report Rotterdam.
      E. product passport
      5. Buyer upon physical verification of the product and PPOP confirmation order SGS to conduct the Dip test in the seller Storage Tank on buyer expense.
      6. Upon successful dip test,  Buyer makes payment by MT103 or TT wire transfer for the total product ,Buyer provide tank storage receipt (TSR) or Vessel Details.
      7. Seller “issue Buyer Title of Ownership certificate to be followed by all export Documentation.
      8. Seller pays all intermediary involve in the transaction.  
      Mail: sales.manager@altocolimited.com
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    • O9C4.COM

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