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What does a consultant do? What is an example of consulting? What is a consulting person? How do you explain consulting? Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice. Consulting salary, types of consulting, consulting services, what is consulting in finance.

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Process Consulting: How to Launch, Implement, and Conclude by Alan Weiss

From the Inside Flap

Alan Weiss, expert consultant and author of the best-selling book Million Dollar Consulting, presents Process Consulting--the fifth book in The Ultimate Consultant series--focusing exclusively on the implementation of consulting methodology. Here, at last, is a targeted book about how consultants can work most effectively with clients to launch, implement, and conclude successful consulting projects.
At the very heart of the consulting process, Weiss explains, is the reality that consultants need more than refined skills in order to succeed. They primarily need to work together with clients to create true professional partnerships. He emphasizes that consultants must prepare the environment for, and effectively educate the buyer about, the focus required and resources needed to support the project's implementation. Using the guidelines outlined in this book, consultants will learn how to prepare themselves, the buyer, and the client implementers to support and champion the intervention. This is a book that both internal and external consultants should be using as their daily guide to project success.

Process Consulting shows how to

  • Create the conditions for a successful intervention
  • Put in place the strategy and tactics needed to gather intelligence
  • Coach key people and establish the rules of engagement
  • Reinforce change and overcome resistance
  • Create dynamic instruction that will yield outright results for the client's business
  • Focus on the transition from strategy formulation to strategy implementation
  • Improve leadership that is driven by values and measured by results

Throughout the book, Weiss outlines a commonsense approach that is simple, accessible, fast, and applicable to every consulting intervention.


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