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And grow your money monthly by 30%

What is MMM?
MMM is a global mutual aid community. MMM is social financial donation exchange network. MMM is a million n million community of people who have agreed to willingly extend financial helping hands to each other via donation.

Ph means provide help 
Gh means get help

Assuming u register now 
Ph with 2,000 NGR 

After 30days 
U r expected to get helped with 

2000 + (30%)600

= N1600

Assuming u register now 
Ph with 5k

After 30days 
U r expected to get helped with

5000 + (30%)1500 

= N6500

Assuming u register now 
Ph with 20k

After 30days 
U r expected to get helped with

20k + (30%) 6,000+ ($20 =8000)(reg bonus)

= N34, 000

Assuming u register now 
Ph with 180k

After 30days 
U r expected to get helped with

180,000 + (30%) 54,000+ ($50 =20,000)(reg bonus)

= N254, 000

Its as real as u can think. 

Whatsapp/call: +2348145024729

Register through this link and feel free to ask any questions that is not clear to you about MMM

register through the link below


Use samuel4aos@gmail.com
As invite

Feel free to ask any question

Join us 

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    • By lagerung
      Sami T:
      Note: this is not a ponzi scheme.
      75€ (#46,000) can change your life forever.
      Are you tired of loosing money to ponzi schemes that never lasts? . Do you want a network where you can earn millions for life & never crashes?
      the business model:
      Its based on a 7 cell table of orders of Preliminary start, Preliminary, main, VIP and VIP plus.
      Below are the initial investments and bonuses for particular tables.
      Start program: invest 75€ & earn 540€ (#330k x3)
      Preliminary: invest €280 and bonus is €1000
      Main: invest €740 and earn  €7000 ( #1.1m x3)
      VIP , invest €2800 and earn  €28000(#4m x3)
      VIP plus , invest €9850 and earn €98000.(#17.5m x3)
      All that u require is to start from prelim start at €75 (#46k). The investment to subsequent tables will be deducted forms earnings from previous tables.
      U are also allowed to have more than one account.
      All u need to qualify for the bonus is  referring a minimum of 2 customers to Swissgolden. 
      Join our whatsapp group:
      Call  for more info
      company website www. swissgolden.com
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