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#O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY is the global community, forums, content and topics for international trade, human society, world economic. Registered members and guests can post any relevant messages: buy\sell, RFQs and commercial offers, engage in special and professional discussions, news, join alliances and groups. The board is a platform for global publics, group chats and conversations. Positive community reputation system and networking platform. Collaborating member's energy to create new global projects and models of human development.


1.1. Status Updates:
To Write a public message on your own feed... in the profile's Activity page, you need to: Go to profile > Edit Profile > Enable status updates? YES (enabled by default)

Activity feed is the place for member's own content stream: it can be commented and edited by the member itself.

1.2. Topic: 
+ Create (Create new content) > Topic

Topics are global and only relevant content is allowed (any content regarding #topictitle).


    2.1. Recommend:
    Details and process for setup an account by taking advantage of Premium Feature:
    1. Sign Up the community (Create my Account).
    2. Fill the Profile.
    3. Find the relevant Global Topic by
    Browse Forum Topics or Search the Community.
    4. Reply to this topic...
    5. Share this post to Administrator @O9C4.COM 
    6. Administrator will setup the premium feature:
    Recommend (click on the built-in link to see more info on the feature).

    2.2. Leaders:

    • Change Account Password: Within setup process for Leaders and Add Message (Topic Leader) feature, Administrator needs to change password to member's account.
    • 6 Add Message Blocks Limit: It can be only six Topic Leaders in the same time.
    • Extra Topic for Leader: For an additional payment, Leader member can place Add Message information on additional topics, before Leaders deadline and already without Pin.
    • Rule of Relevance: Place Add Message block for Global Topc Leader (GTL) is allowed, only in the relevant topics to member's content.