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    • 08 Jan 2020 Until 10 Jan 2020
      Hello, on behalf of Ministry of trade of India I invite international buyers to the world fair IndusFood 2020 - an official trade show focused on exporting Indian goods and agricultural products, 8-10 of January in Delhi. 
      In 2020 there will be 3 exhibitions: Indus Food (different types of food and goods), Indus Tech (technologies and equipment for food industry), Indus Chem (food components, ingredients, health products). Please send applications till 15th of November here cis.indusfood@mail.ru, or whatsup +7 9055114215
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    • Siva Rajalingam  »  Rio Ral

      I need sender for MT103 manual download
      Whatsapp: +60164078566
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    • Zichi

      Know benefits of Gold Membership in 3 minutes!
      To promote your products perfectly in Alibaba.com, gold supplier membership is only and best solution. Do you know how can it help you to get buyers?
      9 main benefits: 1.Contact 100% buyers directly and immediately (can see detail contacts) 2. Get new buyers inquires in your email box. 3.Alibaba buyers team send you new buyers to your email box. 4.Your product will be in priority level ranking in search list. 5. get showcase products for 100 times more exposure. 6. Buyers trust you because your company is verified by the credit agency. 7. post unlimited products in your gold Member website. (many functions on the website, like https://gpstrading.trustpass.alibaba.com/ ) 8. get 6 accounts for 1 membership, 1 main account + 5 sub accounts so many times more opportunities to get buyers. 9. FREE Online training to guide you the usage of gold membership.   Above are main benefits of Gold Supplier Member!
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    • Prethip Sagaran

      Hai good day to everyone...
      Im from malaysia who have Receiver...
      I have Serious Direct Receiver for IPIP can do on the spot deal....
      My Receiver from Indonesia....
      No upfront payment......
      Ratio is = 50% Sender & 50% Receiver
      Receiver 50% Are Close.....
      We Need Only Who can perform For IPIP With Mt199 black screen....
      We are Searching For Who Have direct sender 
      If Sender who can send Procedure of IPIP Immediately wil fill up the Agreements/DOA & We will Send to senders for next step....
      Our Receiver CIS will have In Senders Agreement/DOA...
      Don't Ask Receiver CIS....
      Please Understand We cannot download swift without Mt199 For IPIP.....
      Can WhatsApp me....+60189774936....
      · 0 replies
    • HIjack

      382 BTC for sales 8% under spot no POF up front required just deposit of 1000$ of BTC to our Jax liberty wallet we send 1000 worth coin once you have done coin audit and are happy with origin we then after for POF before we place all other coins in escrow for u or come meet and f2f.
      · 0 replies
    • HIjack

      Competitive rates
      High quality finish
      Supporting document production
      Logo and branding
      · 0 replies
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    • Guest YUN JANGHWAN



      Attached is our contract and procedure for you to read and understand very well before you proceed further.


    • Guest Johnny Cross


      We can deliver financial services instrument(BG/SBLC/MTN/DLC/LC) at affordable price to our customers in other to derive maximum utility. We understand that finding the right company to provide financial instrument is not easy. We are certified financial company that delivers banking instrument for lease which we adhere to our terms and condition. Over 96% of our clients are satisfied with our work whether it is business or financial service.

      I am the sole (Direct) mandate to several genuine efficient providers for lease/sales BG/ SBLC and other financial instruments, at reasonable prices, Issuance by top AAA rated Bank in Europe.Presently, we focus on BG/SBLC for Lease and Sale transactions

      Once transaction is in progress, we ensure we keep you posted on the progress of your paper. We also get you connected to the provider for personalized service.  Instead of stressing yourself out looking for financial instrument or company why not let professional like us deliver financial instrument to you within the time frame required by you.

       For further details contact us with the below information....

      Contact Email: info.amicusfinance@gmail.com 


    • Please Contact + 44 7581 322 060

    • Guest DOUGLAS


      We have direct and efficient providers of Bank Guarantee (BG’s),
      Insurance Guarantees,Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of
      Credit (SBLC) medium term note (MTN) and Third Party Guarantees. 

      which are specifically for
      sell/lease at leasing price of 6+2% /40+2% for selling price.
       If you are a potential Investor or principal looking to raise
      capital, we will be happy to answer any questions that you have 

      this opportunity and to provide you with details regarding these
      Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded,
      by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. 

      work directly with the providers of these instruments.


      1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG/SBLC) (Appendix A)
      2. Total Face Value: Eur 5M MIN and Eur 10B MAX (Ten Billion 

      3. Issuing Bank: Barcley's Bank , HSBC Bank London, Credit Suisse 

      and Deutsche Bank
      4. Age: One Year, One Month
      5. Leasing Price: 6% of Face Value plus 2% commission fees to 

      6. Delivery: Bank to Bank swift.
      7. Payment: MT-103 or MT760
      8. Hard Copy: Bonded Courier within 7 banking day.


      WE will arrange for a fresh cut BG/SBLC EURO/USD $10million to 

      100billion in favor of your company with Euro clear access code 

      and block code as well as the ISIN and CUSIP numbers and Common 

      Code of the SBLC from Barclay's Bank to enable you verify it at a 

      lease cost of 6+2% After which you will transfer Euro cost fee to 

      validate the instrument before it is delivered by swift 

      MT199/MT799 pre-advice and finally via MT760 and the beneficiary 

      is expected to pay 6% lease cost via MT103 to providers funding 

      bank after verifying and authenticating the swift MT760 from 

      issuing bank Barclay's, hsbc, and deucthe bank etc.
      Contact us for outstanding
      service, competence & professionalism;

      For all inquires Contact:

      mr:   DOUGLAS 
      Address: James Anthony Hse, 1 Oyons Rd, Trafford Pk Manchester 

      M17 1RN Manchester UK

      All inquires to DOUGLAS ADAMS should include the following 

      information so I can quickly address your needs:

      Complete contact information:
      What exactly do you need?
      How long do you need it for?
      Are you a principal borrower or a broker?

    • Guest Laurine Cremer


      Contrairement à tout ce que vous pourrez lire sur les prêteurs entre particuliers sur internet, d'après mes propres expériences je ne peux que vous conseiller Madame Séverine Christiana PICARO HOEVEL

      Je m'appelle Laurine Cremer Si vous vous rappelle de moi l'année passe le 15 Decembre 2018 j'ai faire une témoignage sur madame Séverine Christiana PICARO HOEVEL c'est à cause d'elle j'ai reçu mon prêt pouvoir offrir des cadeau à mes enfants les services de madame Séverine Christiana PICARO HOEVEL qui est une preteuse particulière elle octroie des prêts sérieux et honnêtes entre particuliers. Je l'ai connu en Décembre 2018 où j'avais besoin d'argent pour acheter des jouets à mes enfants et cette dame m'a aidé, je n'avais payé qu'un petit sous qu'elle ma rendu après le versement de mes premières mensualités.

      Cette Année pour quitter le Belgique pour partir en Noël en Strasbourg
      Mon fils aîné nous a prévenu à la dernière minute qu’il voulait partir avec nous en Strasbourg, en France pour le fete Noël j’ai fait appel à  madame Séverine Christiana PICARO HOEVEL pour financer la fête Noël et aussi acheter des jouets à mes enfants et la Fêtes de fin d'année. elle m'a encore aidez pour un pret de 30.000 euro

      Pour ceux qui ont des difficultés financières allez vers Séverine Christiana PICARO HOEVEL elle vous aidera comme elle l'a fait pour moi il y 1an et encore cette année Son adresse: christianapicaro@gmail.com

      La joie de vivre est la chose la plus facile à transmettre et à communiquer. 

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    • Am interested to know more sir. 

      Can I have your WhatsApp? 

    • 1 hour ago, Adexy said:


      We are interested in the offer to invest in global supply of various post-paid goods and would like to get more detailed info about the group.

      Thank you.

      1. If You a Buyer, then let me know the details of Your request: products You need (preferable supplier or any), what market You in (country and city), quantity, sale strategy (do You have own stores)?
      2. If You an Investor, then let me know and I will share an active buying requests we have.

    • Hello,

      We are interested in the offer to invest in global supply of various post-paid goods and would like to get more detailed info about the group.

      Thank you.

    • How To Set Up A Limited Liability Company In Dubai?
      Setting up a limited liability company in Dubai comes with various advantages, especially for foreign investors. It has correspondents in most countries in the world, therefore it is a popular business form. Dubai LLC offers unrivaled access to the wider UAE economy. It offers access to all industries in Dubai and the UAE, for those interested in starting a business here. Any type of business license can be obtained by registering a limited liability company. When setting up in a Dubai free zone, the limited liability company will offer full ownership to a foreign investor. There are no share capital requirements related to opening an onshore limited liability company. It is easy to register and to open a local bank account for, however, a local agent must be appointed for the incorporation procedure.

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