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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Karena

      FIATA,IATA member,Fastar logistics Air Quotation on 15-March,2019
      We are Fastar  Logistics ,China ,the member of WCA,CITA,CIFA. We have competitive rates ex PVG/PEK/CAN/SZX/CTU/TAO , today we would like to share our air export consol rates of CZ as below, please let me know for free if you have enquiry.
                    Validate:22-March,2019 ORIGIN DEST 300kg+ 500kg+ 1000kg+ Frequency Airline Routing WUH DXB $1.56 $1.41 $1.34 Tue/Thu/Sat CZ WUH-LHR PEK DXB $1.99 $1.70 $1.64 Tue/Thu/Sat CZ PEK-WUH-DXB CAN DXB $1.99 $1.70 $1.64 Tue/Thu/Sat CZ CAN-WUH-DXB PVG DXB $1.99 $1.70 $1.64 Tue/Thu/Sat CZ PVG-WUH-DXB TAO DXB $1.99 $1.70 $1.64 Tue/Thu/Sat CZ TAO-WUH-DXB SZX DXB $1.99 $1.70 $1.64 Tue/Thu/Sat CZ SZX-WUH-DXB WUH LHR $1.86 $1.71 $1.64 Mon/Wed/Fri CZ WUH-LHR PEK LHR $2.38 $1.94 $1.86 Mon/Wed/Fri CZ PEK-WUH-LHR CAN LHR $2.38 $1.94 $1.86 Mon/Wed/Fri CZ CAN-WUH-LHR PVG LHR $2.38 $1.94 $1.86 Mon/Wed/Fri CZ PVG-WUH-LHR TAO LHR $2.38 $1.94 $1.86 Mon/Wed/Fri CZ TAO-WUH-LHR SZX LHR $2.38 $1.94 $1.86 Mon/Wed/Fri CZ SZX-WUH-LHR Remarks:
      Valid till 22-March and for general cargo only;
      Length<310cm, Width <160cm, Height<160cm;1CBM>250KGS;
      Rate validity is subject to space availability at the moment of booking;
      Based on general stackable / crated cargo without any special dimensions;
      Based on Standard pallet size and cargo without any special dimensions; 
      China Exw Airport local charges as below:
      DOC:USD25.00/ PER HAWB;
      H/C: MIN USD35.00/PER HAWB; MAX:USD100.00/PER HAWB;
      Declaration(available if required): USD30.00 (INC 5 code items)+USD10.00/HS CODE (EXTRA);
      Pick up Fee:Depends on details p/u address&zip code;
      Forklift&Reinforcing: At cost if required.
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    • liang guo

      Your reliable agent in China-ISCM
      ISCM China Co., Ltd
      Air freight
      1.Export from China
      2.Import to China
      3. DG cargo
      4. Express 
      Ocean freight 
      1. FCL
      2. LCL
      pls do not hesitate contact me if you have any shipfment from or to China     
      About Us
      1. 11 years experience
      2. professional operators group
      3. World Cargo Alliance member 
      4. competitive rate and service 
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    • Kevin

      New Short Throw Projector With 3500 lumens
      Here recommend you our new shor throw projector which is with better specificaion and price compared with

      What is most important is the price is cheap,especially price for tender.
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