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  1. Escrow Guarantee Fund

    We are happy to announce the Escrow Guarantee Fund middleman services. The specified tool is intended to provide safe deals between community members to avoid any scam. All transactions goes through the community Administrator, thus eliminating the possible risks of fraud.

    The following active balances are ready to be transferred: 
    - Global Business Pay
    - Konnect Wallet
    - International Global Pay

    Looking for receivers\monetizers.

    Terms & Conditions:
    - Receivers should provide KYC data: ID copy, verified account, cc scan, actual wallet transactions history;
    - New Receivers starts from test transactions: from $70k to $1m (depends on wallet);
    - NDA (non-disclosure agreement) by default;
    - Positive deals will be promoted at the Administrators activity feed.


    #escrowguaranteefund #globalbusinesspay #konnectwallet #internationalglobalpay

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  5. It will not works! As financial or any other type of scammers can easily buy fake ID or make video with real man who is figurehead by default. Also I don't need\want to collect any personal data and respects privacy of members. Members are the only immune system of the community.
  6. There is no member registered with the mentioned email address. You made deal with anonymous guest on Your own risk. Next time be more careful or use the Middleman Services.
  7. One month Email Advertisements campaign for Business Law Firm summary: SENDS 5446, VIEWS 482, CLICKS 29
  8. hello

    1. OIXCIV



    2. OIXCIV


      You can create new topic in the Sensitive Content forum.

  9. Hello dear investors, we need you here in Ivory Coast because the realization of a new town of 25,000 housing units which is a state project remaining in BOT is waiting for serious people to come there to invest.

    on a total area of 2400 hectares all the documentation is available for anyone interested in this project I am a business provider of which I speak directly to the project director
    I specify that all interested must contact me by email or my watsap for the documentation I have.

    +225 0545977632 call and watsap

    Bonjour chers investisseurs, nous avons besoin de vous ici en Côte d'Ivoire car la réalisation d'une ville nouvelle de 25 000 logements qui est un projet étatique restant en BOT attend que des personnes sérieuses viennent y investir.

    sur une superficie totale de 2400 hectares toute la documentation est disponible pour toute personne intéressée par ce projet je suis un prestataire dont je parle directement au directeur de projet
    Je précise que toutes les personnes intéressées doivent me contacter par mail ou par mon watssap pour la documentation dont je dispose.

    +225 0545977632 appel et watssap

  10. En revenant vers vous a travers ce site je veux preciser que toutes personnes disposant des fonds  de plusieurs millions d'euros ou de dollars a blanchir , je dispose  de compte d'investissement immobibilier en  entreprise en  cote d'ivoire
    alor le blanchiment de fond sera 50/ 20 recepteur  et 30 envoyeur.
     contactater moi si interessé par email ou watssap
    +225 0545977632 watssap

    Coming back to you through this site I want to specify that all people with funds of several million euros or dollars to launder, I have a real estate investment account in business in Ivory Coast
    then the money laundering will be 50/20 receiver and 30 sender.
      contact me if interested by email or watssap
    +225 0545977632 watssap

  11. Who will receive money from the global account ??

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