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  1. Do You mean I supported a scam before? It's obvious that the pack of members made an image of reliable finished deals! That is the fact of scam! For 7 years I saw zero positive feedback regarding the upfront offers like this. Even You have no doubt the banned members are cheaters. So do I, as I have much more details on each case. @vadim, with all my respect, You'd better to stop reflect on my decency and the community's management. You are not the one who can judge that things, selling tools for scam and thinking about justice in parallel.
  2. I never denied to block scammers. But only if I have lack of details. Before ban we collecting a lot of information on every case. All You see is the "Banned" mark. But invisible side is based on reports and private conversations, that could be last more then a day. If we have enough data, we won't need to wait till cheaters scam someone. Preventive measures are rather effective! Multiaccounting is mostly prohibited.
  3. Thank You guys for Your solicitude, teamwork and support!
  4. I delete him ten times a day and everyday for more than a year! I think that is his main job to register all the time and spam the community. That kind of loan proposals are totally fake. It's not worth our time. That cintent will be deleted promptly! And I already deleted all mentioned accounts.
  5. https://internationalglobalpayu.com/ No recommendations from me. Just showing You the new site instead of previous.
  6. Questions forum: Members can Ask a New Question in Questions forum, post or rate answers.

    Hope members will try to build something like own knowledgebase.

  7. Hello! I'm not in the market, so can't recommend anyone. The way a whole digital wallets system is operating now is unreliable and unregulated: that is why no guarantees at all. Its on Your own risk! 9. SCAM To reduce the risk being scammed dealing with the Internet unidentified persons, follow these simple recommendations: Learn carefully the members profile and its activity: posts, reply messages, reputation, followers, registration date; Follow the interesting member to receive timely updates on the newly posted content; Search and scan the data You have (username, real name, contacts) to check with the following websites and databases listed in the blog article: Exposing Scams and Scammers | Forensic Investigations | Financial Fraud
  8. + Positive Community Reputation and trust level. Most reputation and Top Member at the Leaderboard. + Ability to design own Profile: upload animated GIF or high resolution avatar (Profile Photo) and Cover Photo. + Can upload image files to Calendar | Clubs. + Group Name: Leaders + Group Icon: + Highlight replies (all replies by members of this group will show in a different color). + Messages (Maximum recipients per conversation: 2, Conversation storage quota: Unlimited); + Profile Share on other sites 10 + Can bypass limited registration and access site anytime. + Can post anonymously: This allows members of this group to optionally make anonymous posts. List of premium services: Cost of services excluding provider fees for money transfer. Recommend Post $18/mo Share on other sites $1,8/site (from 10 to 50 max) Featured Club $18/mo Pin Topic $18/mo Website Advertisements $18/mo Email Advertisements $18/mo Pin to Social Profile $18/mo QIWI, Yandex Money, PayPal, VISA, Sberbank, Western Union, CONTACT, WebMoney, Cryptocurrencies Contact Us: Email: konon@o9c4.com | Skype: o9c4community | WeChat, Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram: +79139055350
  9. The video can be sent to any of the community's direct channel: social profile, email or messenger.
  10. I have a lot of friends and the name depends on the approaching date. The nearest one is Evgeny! That is in a manner an anti fraud measure 😅 The fraudsters can record any junkies or homies to gather free reputation anyway. Maybe is not a good idea, but the friends will be happy a lot I think!
  11. CR +2 to Member's total reputation I need happy birthday congratulations videos for my friends from different members from around the globe. All you need to say is something like that: "Hello Nameofmyfriend, my name is Yourname and I wish You a happy birthday from Yourcountryandcity!" I will unite all the wishes in one congratulation video and send it personal to my friend on his birthday. The video can be sent to any of the community's direct channel: social profile, email or messenger.
  12. 808e520d5248b5aa.png

    FBI Charlotte Supervisory Special Agent Brian Cyprian educates families how the devices that make our lives more convenient can put our cyber security at risk. He highlights some of the red flags all types of scams have in common.

  13. So please tell us more! Why the mobile numbers are same?
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