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  1. Hello, the Chinese account "30634350", company name " STATISTA LIMITED", already applied settle ability now, and it has 4 transactions with ALFA company, ߙߋߗߋߌv,er wants sen,der provide doc to start settle process. Reach me by WhatsApp 008615092271752 Will re write commission doc.
  2. We are receive'r for Automatic downloading, SEMI-Automatic, Manual Downloading Funds: A. For Automatic downloading: a.1 Preliminary negotiation on project. a.2 Exchange CIS, sende'r to provide agreement. a.3 Sign contract. a.4 Sende,r's banker send MT199 to our banker make sure our settle ability. a.5 Do funding transfer. B. We require cooperate "SEMI-Auto & Manual" projects as following process: b1. Sende'r issue a BCL or RWA to our fund trading company (the fund trading company controls many receive'r & accounts, which is to operate funds for the government abroad), or sende'r provides KYC (know your customer). b2. After receiving the BCL or RWA, the fund trading company will verify the funds to prove the authenticity of the funds. b3. After the sende,r's funds verification is passed, the fund trading company will match the corresponding account to handle this money, and funds company will apply to the European Central Bank for settlement quota (ability of settle down) and bank position. b4. After funds company apply for bank positions and settlement quotas, funds company will give their CIS to sende'r. At that time, sende'r's banker can take funds company's CIS to ECB to DD. b5. Both sides check the funds, sign the DOA and IMPFA, and sende'r starts to transfer funds. Or let fund company move the funds package directly from the background of the European Central Bank. b6. The unpacking settlement, and payout according to IMPFA. b7. Please know that, we require sende'r's RWA to make sure this funds is real on operation, not a false. IF no RWA from sende'r, we will have another process and have our partner receive'r to handle your projects. C. PLEASE: remark funds information: - M0/ M1? - Automatic/ Semi-automatic/ Manual downloading? - Delivery Method: MT103/TT/GPI/202 (BE detailed)? - Agreement be required. - Ratio shall be clear. D. MORE IMPORTANT: - Be serious - Be genuine E. Reach me by: - WhatsApp:008615092271752 - Email:frank1752@163.com
  3. Hello, we are good re'ceiver for MT103 GPI DTC, please reach me by WhatsApp 008615092271752, or email me via frank1752@163.com we have projects settle down successfully.
  4. Hello! We are direct re'ceiver of MT103-TT/GPI and DTC funds, and have projects settle down.
  5. We are Direct Wire Transfer re(ceiver) of MT103/TT/ GPI/ 202, and we prefer AUTO Download funds. After we check your money arrived our accounts, then please send bank doc to us, also, your bank officer should communicate with my bank officer to do checking, then project settle down. For manual download, we will go back MD projects in the future. At this time I need ask other team for assistance. What’s transfer we can receive? • MT103/TT/GPI/202 auto transfer • DTC, cash fund: M0, auto download • GPI, semi auto download, manual download You can find me by email, frank1752@163.com
  6. No, தடைசெய்யப்பட்ட உள்ளடக்கம், my friend.
  7. DTC, cash fund: M0, auto download GPI, direct transfer to company account, auto download, semi auto download, manual download SEPA Ledger to ledger, L2L SWIFT MT103-202, transfer direct to company account, manual download FX4 SWIFT MT103 or TT remittance IP/IP after the spring festival (year 2022 can do it), you need to provide the bank's fund certificate you can find me by email, frank1752@163.com
  8. Hello, our global business realated to Medical, Health management, Environment, and other meaningful industries are also our focus. Personal Health monitoring & management: Electronic Thermometer ( the diffrent type for adults or children), Blood Pressure Monitor (Arm type, Wrist type), Blood Glucose Meter, Oximeter, …… Health Care: Atomizer, Fetal Doppler, Breast Pump, Oxygen Cylinder, Tools used for Surgical, …… Personal protective: Disposable Medical Mask, Protective Clothing, Disposable Nitrile/ Latex Gloves, COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kits,…… Environment related: Biodegradable Tableware that can 100% biodegradable in the environment, no plastic pollution to nature Others: Industrial Cannabinoid (CBD) that raw materials used in Pharmaceutical, Pet food, Cosmetic,…… Any questions, pls cantact me by Email: frank1752@163.com Wechat: 15092271752 WhatSapp: 86 15092271752
  9. Any medical and non-medical product from China.
  10. Our main business is medical related business. • Atomizer •Fetal Doppler •Arm Blood Pressure •Infrared Thermometer •Oximeter •Mask •Medical Goggles •Medical Face Shield •Nitrile Gloves •……
  11. pls find me by Wechat "15092271752" 


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