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  1. Sen'ders from below compay are wanted: - Immobilien partner gmbh, need real files, not fake files -GCUBE, need real files, not fake files - SOLAR SYSTEM M.M CO LIMITED, have agreement between ECB with central bank, can settle the projects from the year 2016 to now frank1752@163.com
  2. Ratio is confirmed by all intermediators, or sen-der, rece-iver, or they both? Or by ECB? Do you know there is agreemet ECB and other central banks on wire transfer? frank1752@163.com
  3. Our account has large " Foreign currency Exchange Quota (currency exchange from USD/ EURO/ BRITISH POUND/ AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR TO RMB or Other currency)" available, can help [banned words removed] for money hedging or laun'dering purpose: 1. Our account has enough [Foreign currency Exchange Quota], government background; 2. Available currencies [US dollar, Euro, British pound, Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar]; 3. Purpose: Foreign currencies are converted into RMB in China for hedging; 4. Purpose: Money laun'dering purpose, After currency exchange settlement, it is government to solve the money problems; 5. When receiving foreign currency, we can paying by RMB or other currency as send'er wants; 6. [banned words removed] can use small amount to test our channel, will give you proof that we got the money. ps, we use our Currency Exchange Quota to handle this, Advantage 1: account has exchange quota, your money in our account and it's we to settle use your money, your money is keep in our account, after exchange settlement within 2~3 bank days to payout, no worry lose money. Advantage 2: account is strong enough to handle most of the Problematic funds, for the laun'dering purpose. frank1752@163.com
  4. Hello, Following are the information about what we want- A. We want POS machine, online pos can hand input card number, but no need input CVV (see item C), We can send data that have small amount to test POS, and need POS owner take a video and show ticket(receipt) to [banned words removed]. B. General describe about the money- b.1) Total about 30 million USD. b.2) 300~500 thousand every day, but he already has two POS working now, need more POS. b.3) The money is Relief, like Premium prepaid gift card (or like Shopping card, [banned words removed] have card number & validity) b.4) Money is in a Virtual card (have card number but no Physical card) b.5) There is no retroactive period to these money, (no calling from bank) C. How to operate, process of machine: c.1) Send'er to provide card number, validity to POS owner, then c.2) POS owner to hand input Card number and validity, then c.3) No need input CVV, Just click confirmation, then c.4) Receipt is printed by POS, then c.5) Paying to send'er, instant when have receipt, Completed. PS, before we start operation, [banned words removed] give one data for testing, to find out whether he work with correct machine, and also let POS owner to confirm whether the money is like [banned words removed] said. No retroactive, so [banned words removed] want paying quickly so that can do as many data as we can. PS, Same like shopping card, not large amount of money in one card (Maybe 5,000~60,000), but can give many data one day that can do 2M one day if we do it quickly. D. Questions- (please give answer one by one) d.1) When to paying? d.11) Pay instant when POS print the receipt? d.12) Pay after can check the money in bank system? d.13) Paying each transfer, or after done many tranche that total amount meet 30k (or other amount)? d.2) What is the ratio? d.3) Is it paying by BTC or USDT or RMB or others? d.4) Does there is limitation for each time tranche? d.5) Are there any requirements for the number in front of the card, such as the first four number or the first six number, as some POS only can handle a card the first few number are specified, such as 3333 xxxxx? d.6) Any question/ requirement to send'er from POS owner? it's good have a video about your machine operation to reach me frank1752@163.com
  5. Firstly, I want to say, for our company, we are [banned words removed]'er that we don't want our account to be maliciously attacked. We are interest in the Send'er who can do BO to BO, or can send our bank MT199, the following our process: Sign contract, then Send MT199 to our bank, then We ask our bankers to check their system, then My banker reply send'er with formal CIS and confirmation on business that he can handle, then Do funds transfer to our account, then Our BO to do funds tracking, and he will give the final & formal quotation from bank system, then Sign PGL, (Some of our accounts banker can send PGL, and some don’t), then Provide Completed & Real bank files( with banker’s signature, and 600dpi scanned) for settle down, then We [banned words removed]'er do payout according to PGL, Completed. Ps, In order to successfully complete the settlement, we will appoint one of our people as authorized person, and [banned words removed] to report this person’s passport to the European Central Bank. Secondarily, the ratio before MT199 or funds tracking is only for information, it’s not a formal quotation, no matter the ratio is from middle man or my technical people. Thirdly, because banker will know funds & cost correctly with MT199 or funds tracking, so, it is only BO can give the formal quotation, this is our company rules. Fourthly, we have many experience the funds is very different with what send'er (or middle man) had told us. So we do quotation based on Delivery method(MT103 GPI 202 MD Auto) and the quality of funds after BO DD or funds tracking. Fifthly, if send'er said they can’t send MT199 or BO DD, then I check with our partner Забаронены змест who will take care it. We do wire transfer is business, not try lucky, knock at the door, door by door.
  7. Hello, MT103 GPI 202, STP MD AUTO We only do transaction with the team who can do BO comunications, NO BO COMUNICATION, MEANS 0% TO SUCCESS. frank1752@163.com
  8. What my side requirements: - Our own company: Can BO-BO email, we can handle it - Partner company: BO card, agreement, they can handle it - Government team: agreement Finally, all of us will ask for high quality scanned PDF (Resolution is more than 600dpi) and original paper.
  9. For wire transfer, different party has different RISK control and work process: - For our company, technical people requires sen'der BO to talk with our BO to describe what type of transfer firstly, then technical people will check letter and arrange ability matched BO to handle case, and after funds track it will have an accurate quotation. - Government rece'iver team, other partner rece'iver team, some of account holder can sign back first, some requires BO card first, and general process can be changed, but key point can not be changed, it's depends on how to cooperation. Anyway, all the rece'iver people want to do is, identify the send'er who is not do transfer only, but also want to settle, because some send company can get money when they finish transfer, they are not care about whether this case can settle, their work is send out funds, not to settle. So it's our work to identify real sen'der who want to settle and let all men get their commission. We can coordination to do some actions, but the key point/ principle we can do nothing to change. We have our RISK control, and in this way we protect ourself, also, we protect all the involved people not in trouble. PS, for the correct account, we need to know what the details of transfer, this is start that can complete payout, because it always happen transfer method is different with agreement, lead to trouble of arrange settle down. TT, MT103 GPI 202 IPIP, Auto, MD Frank1752@163.com
  10. Lombard Street partners ltd Anyone who know this sed?
  11. aha, I hope I have one, but…
  12. We can have the money used for payout ready when submit doc, but it's not able to payout in advance before we close the official operation process. We had met too many fake that ask for payout but with fake doc. We can play games with those fake, waist time, but don't forget that we also have serious process to protect us from Fraudster.
  13. We do transaction based on funds, then we provide suitable account/ arrange BO to take care projects. We do settlement start from funds then account. Transfer by Swift MT103 TT Swift MT103.202 cash Swift MT103 202 GPI Reach me by frank1752@163.com, 08615092271752 Ps, it's better to have a brief introduction about funds and relationship.
  14. Hello, the Chinese account "30634350", company name " STATISTA LIMITED", already applied settle ability now, and it has 4 transactions with ALFA company, ߙߋߗߋߌv,er wants sen,der provide doc to start settle process. Reach me by WhatsApp 008615092271752 Will re write commission doc.
  15. We are receive'r for Automatic downloading, SEMI-Automatic, Manual Downloading Funds: A. For Automatic downloading: a.1 Preliminary negotiation on project. a.2 Exchange CIS, sende'r to provide agreement. a.3 Sign contract. a.4 Sende,r's banker send MT199 to our banker make sure our settle ability. a.5 Do funding transfer. B. We require cooperate "SEMI-Auto & Manual" projects as following process: b1. Sende'r issue a BCL or RWA to our fund trading company (the fund trading company controls many receive'r & accounts, which is to operate funds for the government abroad), or sende'r provides KYC (know your customer). b2. After receiving the BCL or RWA, the fund trading company will verify the funds to prove the authenticity of the funds. b3. After the sende,r's funds verification is passed, the fund trading company will match the corresponding account to handle this money, and funds company will apply to the European Central Bank for settlement quota (ability of settle down) and bank position. b4. After funds company apply for bank positions and settlement quotas, funds company will give their CIS to sende'r. At that time, sende'r's banker can take funds company's CIS to ECB to DD. b5. Both sides check the funds, sign the DOA and IMPFA, and sende'r starts to transfer funds. Or let fund company move the funds package directly from the background of the European Central Bank. b6. The unpacking settlement, and payout according to IMPFA. b7. Please know that, we require sende'r's RWA to make sure this funds is real on operation, not a false. IF no RWA from sende'r, we will have another process and have our partner receive'r to handle your projects. C. PLEASE: remark funds information: - M0/ M1? - Automatic/ Semi-automatic/ Manual downloading? - Delivery Method: MT103/TT/GPI/202 (BE detailed)? - Agreement be required. - Ratio shall be clear. D. MORE IMPORTANT: - Be serious - Be genuine E. Reach me by: - WhatsApp:008615092271752 - Email:frank1752@163.com
  16. Hello, we are good re'ceiver for MT103 GPI DTC, please reach me by WhatsApp 008615092271752, or email me via frank1752@163.com we have projects settle down successfully.
  17. Hello! We are direct re'ceiver of MT103-TT/GPI and DTC funds, and have projects settle down.
  18. We are Direct Wire Transfer re(ceiver) of MT103/TT/ GPI/ 202, and we prefer AUTO Download funds. After we check your money arrived our accounts, then please send bank doc to us, also, your bank officer should communicate with my bank officer to do checking, then project settle down. For manual download, we will go back MD projects in the future. At this time I need ask other team for assistance. What’s transfer we can receive? • MT103/TT/GPI/202 auto transfer • DTC, cash fund: M0, auto download • GPI, semi auto download, manual download You can find me by email, frank1752@163.com
  19. No, தடைசெய்யப்பட்ட உள்ளடக்கம், my friend.
  20. DTC, cash fund: M0, auto download GPI, direct transfer to company account, auto download, semi auto download, manual download SEPA Ledger to ledger, L2L SWIFT MT103-202, transfer direct to company account, manual download FX4 SWIFT MT103 or TT remittance IP/IP after the spring festival (year 2022 can do it), you need to provide the bank's fund certificate you can find me by email, frank1752@163.com
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