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  1. GENUINE REAL TIME TRANSFER , SWIFT AND BTC GO TO THE BELOW LINK FOR MORE INFO https://jaswanisap.wixsite.com/realtimecashtransfer
  2. Do transfers on your own with simple steps REAL TIME go to the below link for more info https://jaswanisap.wixsite.com/realtimecashtransfer Rgds, Al Hamid
  3. Hi Guys, Go to the below link for TARGET 2 deals in Europe https://jaswanisap.wixsite.com/realtimecashtransfer Thanks, Al Hamid
  4. Hi and Assalamualaikum, I work with bankers on Cash Transfer and Wire Transfers All transfer slips are bank endorsed and can be checked with bank directly If you are interested drop me a mail at alhamidm389@gmail.com Thanks, Al Hamid
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