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  1. List of prices. 1 . Flatbed with cover price 18,000 dollars 2. Aluminum tanker price 42,000 dollars 3. 40 feet container transport trailer price 13,000 dollars 4. Chrome tanker price 37,000 dollars 5 . Isolated asphalt tanker price 24,000 dollars 6. 3 axle loaned price 27000 dollars 7 . Dolly trailer price 15,000 dollars 8. LPG tanker price 30,000 dollars 9. Millennium type Cement trailer 27,000 dollars 10. Side tipper trailer price 87,000 dollars 11 . V type Cement trailer price 25,000 dollars 12 . U type tipper price 18,000 dollars 13. Curtain side trailer price 27,000 dollars Thank you Al
  2. We are Turkish Semi-trailer - tanker and on-vehicle manufacturer in Turkey .We produce LPG-FUEL-OIL-BIOLOGICAL-ISO-NITROGEN-AMONNIA-ASPHALT-WATER TANKERS,TIPPER,SEMITRAILER-PLATFORM-40FT-20FT CONTAINER TRANSPORT-CHASIS OF TRAILER-CEMENT BULKER-LOWBED TRAILERS and TRACTOR ROMORKS.We export many countries as especialy African and Arabic countries. For Contact : +233268986268 Kece.idriss@yahoo.com Call me for any info We also export all our products from ?? our country to any part of the world ?
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    • Sam.Vietnam

      We can issue MT104 if any receiver in real please contact me if just want to send me DOA and then keep silent better stay far !
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    • ميثم الحجاج

      Giovanni (Gianni) Vendoni (CEO)
       Finelook Ltd.
       Real Estate Development Company
       The White House, Waton Street
       Nottingham NG1 5GF
       A company registered in the United Kingdom since 1984 - Reg.  No. 1799679 
       Subject: Trade cooperation
       good greeting
       It is my pleasure to make our acquaintances and speak to you.
       I have given you a little background about my company Finelook ltd, and if you want to see the full record, you just need to visit www.gov.uk/government/organisations/companies-house, and enter the company registration number or name it will know the company details
       With many years of trading experience.  Global We act as intermediaries for a number of clients from different parts of the world.
       , We will need details on your company products list, company terms and conditions for your business.  Once we receive that, we will discuss the matter with our clients, and we will send the requests to you in an official form
       The products we deal with on behalf of our clients are:
       Petroleum products and their derivatives.
       Minerals and minerals.
       Food commodities.
       Hope for successful and long-term business cooperation
       Best Regards
       Our company representative in the Middle East countries
       Bahjat Al-Ghadeer General Trading and Contracting Company
       Company Director:.  Maytham Mohsen Al-Abadi
       Phone  009647801407747 
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      If you know this company, message me
      My number on whatsapp
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