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  1. Sami T: SWISSGOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES -WEST AFRICAN REGION Note: this is not a ponzi scheme. 75€ (#46,000) can change your life forever. Are you tired of loosing money to ponzi schemes that never lasts? . Do you want a network where you can earn millions for life & never crashes? the business model: Its based on a 7 cell table of orders of Preliminary start, Preliminary, main, VIP and VIP plus. Below are the initial investments and bonuses for particular tables. Start program: invest 75€ & earn 540€ (#330k x3) Preliminary: invest €280 and bonus is €1000 Main: invest €740 and earn €7000 ( #1.1m x3) VIP , invest €2800 and earn €28000(#4m x3) VIP plus , invest €9850 and earn €98000.(#17.5m x3) All that u require is to start from prelim start at €75 (#46k). The investment to subsequent tables will be deducted forms earnings from previous tables. U are also allowed to have more than one account. All u need to qualify for the bonus is referring a minimum of 2 customers to Swissgolden. Join our whatsapp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KTBFMhk1cWMDvS8qQZIbF9 Call for more info company website www. swissgolden.com