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  1. Dear Sirs, It is with great satisfaction that we contact the Lords, in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship between our companies and so do serious business, profitable and honest for both parties. My name is Wilson Cavalcante, I am Director of the company Brazil Amazon Trade, Import and Export Ltda. Brazilian company established in the city of Belem, Para State / Brazil, with offices located at Av Visconde de Souza Franco, 609 - Umarizal - Cep:. 66053-000. Company founded on January 29, 2002, since then, working with intermediation and sale of different types of products, raw materials and Brazilian commodities. Within our negotiating possibilities and our expertise, we can get many products at competitive prices. Groceries - Sugar, Soybean, Corn, Coffee, cassava flour, Beans, Beef, Chicken, oil, Brazil nut, Cashew, Cocoa Almond, Fruit pulp, acai, Mineral Water, pepper kingdom between other things. Minerals - iron, manganese, Cassiterite, Niobium, Tantalum, Copper and others. All these products and others not mentioned, we like and where to get, if the value of market and trading is serious and honest, we have to achieve our goals and enable large business. We are looking for mining companies and / or investors who are interested in investing in or being members of mines of manganese ore, copper, cassiterite, gold and diamonds in the north of Brazil. These areas also have management projects for the extraction of lots of wood. We have 8 documented areas with Brazilian public agencies, ready to work and extract these materials. If any group is interested in participating in this business, kindly send a message to our e-mail. We await contact. Att, Wilson Cavalcante E-mail: brazilamazoncompany@gmail.com
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