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  1. CLAUSE 7 –PAYMENT AND BANKING PROCEDURES. 1. FIRST LIFT TRAIL (CI/D&P). 2. BUYER ISSUES THE IRREVOCABLE CONFIRMED PURCHASE ORDER (ICPO); 3. SELLER ISSUES THE FOLLOWING: CORPORATE INVOICE (CI), for the first lift able and draft contract with a copy of the Seller's international Passport (for verification to their Embassy Government) and Buyer signs and returns Commercial invoice (CI) and draft contract amended if necessary with End Buyer’s copy of international Passport (for verification to their Embassy Government. 4. BUYER SIGNS AND RETURNS THE ABOVE DOCUMENTS WITH ACCEPTANCE LETTER TO SELLER FOR EXECUTION. 5. Seller registers, legalizes and notarizes the endorsed draft contract officially with the appropriate authorities, expenses borne by Seller. 6. Seller sends Partial Proof of Product (PPOP) to the Buyer via secured email; PPOP consists of the following documents: * Legalized / notarized draft contract (SPA) Company Registration Certificate. * Product Quality Passport (Indigenous analysis report). * Commitment letter from Refinery. * Statement of Product Availability * Certificate of Origin of the Product. Authorization to verify (ATV); Authorization to sell & collect (ATSC); 7. After verification of PPOP, Seller obtains (on buyer expenses) a verifiable Transaction Passport Transfer Certificate (TPTC) / Export Clearance Affidavit (ECA), which identifies the Buyer as the new Title Holder of the goods Allocation. OR 1. Buyer issue! ICPO. 2. Seller Issue Corporate invoice (CI) and Draft contract open for amendment for buyer to countersign and return with Tank Storage Agreement. 3. Seller issue POP documents to Buyer; commercial invoice (ci) for the lift able quantity • Statement of Product Availability • Commitment to Supply • Product Passport (indigenous analysis report) •NOR (Notice of Readiness) to Commence the Injection of the Product. License to export. 4. Buyer provide to Seller its leased Tank Receipt, ATV and ATI at Discharge port. 5. Seller verify buyer's tank and commence injection of the product into buyer's tank and issues DTA to the Buyer. After successful dip test BUYER TRANSFERS PAYMENT BY MT103 IN ACCORDANCE TO THE TEST RESULTS TO SELLER DESIGNATED BANK ACCOUNT and TRANSFERS TITLE TO BUYER. 6. CONTRACT DELIVERY: 7. UPON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THE FIRST LIFT, BUYER WILL RECEIVE THE PARTIAL PROOF OF PRODUCT FOR THE CONTRACTUAL COMMITMENT CONTAINING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: PROPOSED DELIVERY SCHEDULE (LIFT PROGRAM FOR 3 MONTHS); STATEMENT OF AVAILABILITY AND READINESS TO DELIVER AS PER SPA, PRODUCT PASSPORT FOR CURRENT DELIVERY, CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN AND ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS USUAL FOR THIS KIND OF TRADE; 8. UPON SUCCESSFUL VERIFICATION OF THE PRODUCT IN RELIANCE TO THE PARTIAL PROOF OF PRODUCT, BUYER INSTRUCT ITS BANK TO ISSUE AND TRANSFER THE DOCUMENTARY LETTER OF CREDIT (DL/C) IN THE AMOUNT OF ONE (1) MONTH SUPPLY TO BANK CO-ORDINATES AS DESIGNATED BY SELLER. 9. UPON VERIFICATION OF THE DL/C, SELLER INSTRUCT ITS BANK TO ISSUE AND TRANSFER THE PERFORMANCE BOND (PB) IN FORM OF A BANK GUARANTEE (BG) AND IN THE AMOUNT OF TWO (2) PERCENT OF THE VALUE OF THE DL/C TO BANK CO-ORDINATES AS DESIGNATED BY BUYER. 10. SIMULTANEOUSLY BUYER WILL RECEIVE THE FULL PROOF OF PRODUCT CONTAINING BUT NOT LIMITED TO DTA (DIP TEST AUTHORIZATION) ATS (AUTHORIZATION TO SELL), PP (PRODUCT PASSPORT FOR CURRENT DELIVERY), Q88, SHIPMENT SCHEDULE, PACKING LIST. 11. UPON VERIFICATION OF THE ABOVE, TRANSACTION WILL COMMENCE AS SET OUT ABOVE (ARTICLE 4 TO 6); UPON COMPLETION OF THE TRANSACTION, BOTH THE DOCUMENTARY LETTER OF CREDIT AND THE PERFORMANCE BOND MUST BE RETURNED TO SENDER. Draft Spa: Buyer hereby declares that it understands and accepts the stipulations, terms and conditions stated within this SCO. It also agrees that information given in this SCO will serve as a basis for Sellers to prepare the draft Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) and will be an integral part of
  2. We CJSC «KIRISHI-2 OIL REFINERY» as an international supplier with full corporate Authority and Responsibility certifies, warrants and makes irrevocable firm commitment that it can Fulfill the requirements of this full corporate offer and have agreed to sell and provide the commodity Herein mentioned in a timely manner, under the terms and procedures specified and agreed upon by the signatories. D2 GAS OIL GOST 305-82. Quantity: Minimum 50,000MT Maximum 500,000MT CIF Price: $340 GROSS! $330 NET, FOB Price $330 GROSS / $320 NET. Commission: $5 ! $5 MAZUTM100 GOST — 10585-99 RUSSIAN ORIGIN. Quantity: Minimum 100,000MT, Maximum 1,000,000MT. CIF Price: $180 GROSS / $170 NET, FOB Price: $170 GROSS / $160 NET. Commission: $5! $5 MAZUTM100 GOST— 1058575 RUSSIAN ORIGIN. Quantity: Minimum 50,000MT, Maximum 1,000,000MT. CIF Price: $180 GROSS! $170 NET, FOB Price: $170 GROSS! $160 NET. Commission: $5!$5 AVIATION KEROSENE COLONIALGRADE 54 JET FUELRUSSIAN ORIGIN. Quantity: Minimum 100, 000BBLS, Maximum 10,000,000BBL. CIF Price: $38 GROSS! $36 NET, FOB Price: $36 GROSS / $34 NET. Commission: $1! $1 RUSSIA EXPORT BLEND CRUDE GOST 9965-76. Quantity: Minimum 1,000,000 BBLS, Maximum 10,000,000 BBL. CIF PRICE: $32 GROSS! $30 NET, FOB PRICE: $30 GROSS/$28 NET. COMMISSION: $1! $1 RUSSIA EXPORT BLEND CRUDE GOST 51 858-2002. Quantity: Minimum 1,000,000 BBLS, Maximum 10,000,000 BBL. CIF PRICE: $32 GROSS! $30 NET, FOB PRICE: $30 GROSS/$28 NET. COMMISSION: $2! $2 Commodity; PETCOKE. Quantity: Minimum 50,000MT lift able with up to 200,000MT per month for 12 months CIF Fixed Price: $70 NET Commission: $2 / $2. Commodity: OIL D6 Fixed price: $0.74 GROSS $0.70. Quantity: 10,000,000 GALLONS lift able with up to 50,000,000 GALLON. Commission: $0.02! $0.02 Loading port: Primorsky, Nakhodka. Destination Port: Any world safe port. Inspection: SGS Seller Expense at loading port CIQ Buyer expenses at discharge port. Payment: MT103, TT/Wire transfer. Performance bond: 2% of transferred DLC Value.
  3. Soft offer Please find attached soft offer we are professional consultants and mandate to major refineries in russia and we supply d2 gas, aviation kerosene, mazut and other petroleum products. kind regards Svetlana ЗАО «НЕФТЕПЕРЕРАБАТЫВАЮЩИЙ ЗАВОД КИРИШИ-2» CJSC «KIRISHI-2 OIL REFINERY» 187110 Ленинградская область, бульвар Молодежный д.4 район Киришский, г. Кириши, 187110 Leningradskaya obl, bulvar Molodezhniy d.4 rayon Kirishskiy, g. Kirishi, Russia export@npzkirishi.ru, info@npzkirishi.ru, legal@npzkirishi.ru, sales@npzkirishi.ru тел: +7 (812) 409 49 21. REF: SCO 03/0717-1 DATE: 03-07-2017.
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      Reliable Manufacture of Thin Client
      About Smartcloud   Established in 2010, We have served for 2868 customers from 106 counties and regions world wide in the past 10 years. More than 20 kinds of samples in our showroom which occupies 8000 square meters indoor and we produce more new products.   We have two factories:   Factory Floor Area Dust-free Room Factory workers Production capacity (Per Month) Factory 1 2000m³ 30m³ 50 6000pcs Factory 2 8000m³ 50m³ 160 50,000Kpcs   Team Members
      52 Senior Engineers to help the customer solve the Technical problems
      5 Designers to help customers do the artwork for the package
      15 QC to make sure every order  from our company with good quality   Different Thin Client/Motherboard Hardware Structures Support Different OS, For a Glance As Follows   ARM X86 Linux Supported: ZT120 SM1030 TE120 TM120 Supported: CT221   Windows × Supported: CT221 Andriod Supported: SM1030 TE120 TM120 possible,need to be re-developed   Please contact me 1、If you are interested in our Production process video, Please contact me and I will send it to you for more details.
      2、If you are interested in 2 years Quality Assurance Certificate, Please contact me and I will send it to you for more details.
      3、If you are interested in our inspection picture and report, Please contact me and I will send it to you for more details.
      4、If you are interested in our factory video, Please contact me and I will send it to you for more details.
      5、If you are interested in our ISO certificate, Please contact me and I will send it to you for more details.
      6、If you want to find any supplier taking with you in the midnight, please contact me. 
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      We need a none chek kyc receiver
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      African trade and infrastructure funding.
      Financing African Infrastructure Projects & Trade
      The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) estimates the  trade finance  gap in  Africa  at $110 billion to $120 billion, which is approximately 25 percent of total demand.

      Although Africa is the continent with the highest average annual GDP growth per year, many entrepreneurs lack funding for their ongoing businesses or projects. 
      That's where we chose to tackle part of the problem and offer structured funding in the form of low interest short-term bridge-loans and long term loans for up to 96 months. 
      We lend up to 12.5M USD for 90-day periods at an 8% flat interest rate. 

      The funds are borrowed for business purposes only. The fees for this would be 32,500 USD. 

      We also have long term loan options enabling us to loan up to 150 million USD for up to 84 months (7 years) at 3.05% flat interest rate but the initial deposit is much higher. 

      Feel free to reach out for more information. 

      When you agree to move ahead tell us to which company or individual an invoice must be issued, we will issue an invoice. 
      Once the balance has been paid we will issue a new contract,  within four banking days  after contract signature we will release the funds. 
      The balance is used in order to place a collateral that will enable us to issue a the loan, regardless of the project/company. 
      Also, we will partner with a company in your country, which will release the funds/or collect the payments from you. 
      I hope we can assist you towards funding your business-needs.

      We also finance businesses in emerging markets across Asia. 
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