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  1. Hello. The sender offers funds for DTC, for a return of 35%(closed). Possible communication of bank employees for interbank communication.Bank - for DTS is negotiated. A screenshot is transmitted via an interbank connection. Urgent needs a receiver, only in Singapore or Europe, for ip-ip, for a return of 35%(closed),and Malaysia, for a return of 39% (closed).Other variants are not needed now. The receiver pays the intermediaries. The receiver is required to register a contract with his bank. If you have an offer better than mine - you suggest - but it must be transit - from server to server or other financial transit. I'm only interested in these deals - SEPA, EBICS, S2S, DTC, 103/202, IP-ID, IP-IP, SPP ,SWIFT MT,Inter-code and others. The sender offers a filled contract. I'm only interested in the above deals and nothing more.
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