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  1. Beginning of the Sugar Cane Harvest in Brazil

    Customers and Partners,

    It is with great satisfaction that we inform customers and partners that the 2021/2022 Sugar
     Cane Harvest has started in Brazil.

    In April, the harvesting of sugar cane begins and the renewal of stocks of sugar, ethanol and derivatives.

    This harvest begins with many challenges that can impact the supply of sugar, in summary, two of
     them concern producers and exporters, they are:

    1 - The worsening of the pandemic in Brazil, which in the last few days, resulted in the expressive 
    and regrettable number of more than 4 thousand deaths / day.

    Harder measures can be taken in the months of April and May, just when the harvest begins.

    2 - The scarcity of containers and even ships for some routes has caused an increase in the prices
     of maritime transport and this can directly impact the price, especially for container orders.
    - The increase in inputs for sugar cane production in Brazil and the estimated reduction of almost 4%
     in production this year may impact prices, but will not influence supply.

    The best time to negotiate Brazilian sugar supply contracts is at the beginning of the harvest, mainly 
    between April and June.

    If you have demands for Icumsa Sugar 45, 150, 200 or Brown Sugar VHP 600-1200, MELLO 
    COMMODITY can serve you with orders from 260 mt which corresponds to 10 containers, but is 
    also able to handle bulk ship orders from 12500 mt.

    MELLO COMMODITY markets sugar through three major exporters, one of which has been in the 
    market for over 40 years. Our suppliers have preferential shares in 27 plants and this results in a 
    service capacity and a fair offer.

    SPEAK NOW WITH OUR COMMERCIAL TEAM AND REQUEST A QUOTE: https://mellocommodity.com.br/quotation/

    Note: Mello Commodity is not authorized to trade with intermediaries and does not pay any type 
    of commission.

    Mr. Elias Pedrosa da Silva +55 35 991 295 296
    Ms. Jacimara da Silva +55 21 976 723 023
  2. Soybean and Yellow Corn

    Informative to customers and partners:

    We inform that we have resumed the supply of Soybean and Yellow Corn grains

    PRODUCT: Soybean and Yellow Corn GMO
    Minimum order: 12500 mt
    We deliver to all world ports with the exception of Iran and locations that are going through wars.
    Note: There is no forecast of the NON-GMO type offer, as these are being used to fulfill closed contracts in the last half of 2019.

    >>> Spot at multiples of 12500 mt
    - DLC, or LC at sight, Conditional, Irrevocable, Transferable and Divisible Bank TOP 25/50 (indispensable)

    >>> contracts from 12500 mt
    SBLC with a value equivalent to a month of supply, and maturity of 1 year and 1 day, Irrevocable, Inconditional, Transferable and Divisible.issued by top 25/50 bank and payment for boarding with MT 103
    We do not negotiate with an intermediary, as our commercial representation contract prevents the negotiation of commissions and the authorization of over price, please do not insist.
    >>> We do not work with price lists and quote each demand received.

  3. Brazilian Sugar for Export - Safra 2019

    Mello Commodity, representing a business group composed of 36 sugar mills, begins its sales of the 2019 harvest.
    Minimum order: 260 mt
    We deliver anywhere in the world, restricted only in areas of gerra.
    Special prices for contracts.
    • Sugar Icumsa 45
    • Sugas Sugar 150
    • Sugar Sugar 600-1200
  4. Soybean GMO # 2 SPECIAL OFFER (exceptional conditions)

    Due to the withdrawal of a buyer, we have an URGENT offer and with SPECIAL PRICE of USD 365.00 per mt.

    AMOUNT: 600.000 mt | CIF

     Interested parties should send ICPO to sales@mellocommodity.com.br

    Terms of payment: SBLC + MT 103
    We only accept financial instruments issued or confirmations by flock TOP 25/50 (please do not insist)

    You will also need to send BCL via swift issued by your bank to our bank, with at least one month's worth of Proof of funds.

  5. Brazilian Sugar For Sale

    We are a Brazilian sugar sales agency. We represent 36 sugarcane mills and
    we can negotiate orders from 260mt.
    • ICUMSA 45
    • ICUMSA 150
    • BROWN SUGAR 600-1200
    If you are an End Buyer and are able to negotiate within the international terms,
    please do not send your quotation collation to:
    NOTE: We do not pay commission and do not accept the Over Price practice.
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      Paolo Moraes

      Vende interno para fins de Exportação?

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