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  1. ANNOUNCEMENT: “TEAL ORGANISATIONS” GOES LIVE IN WIKIPEDIA I hope that the article will indeed be gradually augmented by the input of others but, in doing so, I would urge everyone to ensure that all the Wikipedia guidelines are followed. To summarise: it cannot be promotional or about any one person anything that is added needs to be “notable”, i.e. it is well referenced in peer-reviewed journals or books. Facts cannot come from blogs, forums, promotional material, certain newspapers, or journals that are not well established.
  2. Teal organisation A Teal organisation transcends and integrates the existing limitations of current static organisational paradigms including Amber, Orange and Green organisations. It is characterized by three breakthroughs in human collaboration, specific to this evolutionary level: self-management suggests a system based on peer relationships with no need for hierarchy, consensus, nor central command and control; wholeness is about a consistent set of practices that invite members to reclaim their inner wholeness and bring on the workplace “all of who they are”; evolutionary purpose introduces a Teal organisation as a living organism with a direction of its own where its members are invited to listen and take note of the purpose it wants to serve. These breakthroughs overcome the limitations of previous organisational models in that they welcome the emotional, intuitive, and spiritual elements in lieu of the usual display of rationality, determination and strength; and concealment of doubts or vulnerability. During its evolution, a Teal organisation exhibits properties similar to complex adaptive systems because the interactions and relationships between its elements are nonlinear and based on few simple rules or guiding principles. These elements learn from the past and their immediate environment and then adapt accordingly for the survival of the system. A number of notable organisations around the world has adopted and operates on the Teal organisation model including The Morning Star Company (food processing, United States), Patagonia (apparel, United States), Sounds True (media, United States), AES (energy sector, international), Buurtzorg Nederland (health care, Netherlands), ESBZ (K–12 school, Germany), Heiligenfelde (mental health hospitals, Germany), Nucor (steel manufacturing, international).
  3. A List of Teal Organisations Global Teal Organisations Sun Hydraulics - USA, UK, Germany, South Korea, China, India - manufacturer of valves and hydraulic manifolds (which regulate fluid flow between pumps and actuators in a hydraulic system)
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