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    • helen@pebestpacker.com

      Hand Filling Semi-Automatic Packing Machine System
      The main difference between a Flat Film and Tubular film Bag make machine, is the film the machines use to create a bag is either flat film or tubular film (bags-on-a-roll film). Bags-on-a-roll film is high efficiency film, since it is not pre-perforated, packaging can be manufactured in any desired length. Our Bag Make machine will use Bags-on-a-roll film. The bag length is pre-settable, through the control panel and it can be stored. Once the product to be packed has been loaded, the machine seals the bag and presents another open bag for the next product. No need back sealing and No Former collar. Just need to change the Film reel directly. Even for bag width 350mm, our Bag make machine is very small, that can save space and operator can load standing or sitting.
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    • Jonh Favro

      We have a fund with disconnected 3D security, on which we can accept any money.
      e-mail: jonhfavro@gmail.com
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    • Jonh Favro

      We can help withdraw any money from downloaded PIN code cards 
      You need to take a photo of the card from two sides, and send to us.
      e-mail: jonhfavro@gmail.com
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