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    China, S.E.A., Germany, Europe for now
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    VisaNet, M103/M102, large investment, infrastructure investment, Off-Market Real-Estate, Deluxe Real-Estate Thailand and more.

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  1. Hello Wesley: I am still looking for Genuine VisaNet Receiver but there are conditions given to me by the Contact and Sender here in China. One of the conditions is that the Receiver must travel to China in order to get the deal done. I do have a few other deals you may want to have a look tat. Direct E-mail: mk-peking@protonmail.ch BR - Mike
  2. Hello everyone, I am still looking for Visa Net receiver. Just got back from a travel to Germany, now back in Beijing, China. I will again check with my contact on the progress and keep you updated. More info up soon
  3. Hi Mike would you be interested in Barclay's europe visanet receiver or particularly in DB europe?

    1. Mike_San


      Hi Zeex,

      Will check with my contact. Just got back from long travel to Germany and now back in China.

      I will get back to you on that.

  4. Hi Wesley, I have Sender based in China looking for VisaNet Receiver, ideally with account in Europe DB. Need reliable contact, fast action, professional and serious to do this business. More info can be provided if interested. I am Mike, acting as Broker on behalf of a client/contact in China. This one is pretty urgent but there are more in the pipeline. Thanks.
  5. Are you still active with the VisaNet Receiver? I have sender in China who is looking for VisaNet Receiver with DB. Need to connect and establish only serious, professional and fast action oriented contacts. There is more in the pipeline.
  6. Urgently seeking serious, reliable, professional and immediate action-oriented Visa.Net Receiver, ideally located in Europe with account in DB. For more info please leave a note here. This opportunity is for now and future upcoming deals. There is much more to come => stay tuned. Thank you.
  7. I have a Sender based in China who is looking for Visa Net receiver, ideally located in Europe and has DB account. There are more options for cooperation if receiver and contact is serious. Urgently required is the Visa Net receiver. More details can be given.
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