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  1. We have direct access to Barclay's Bank UK receiver for MT103/202 transfers. Please contact us for further details. Please write to globelots@yahoo.com
  2. How to delete my posts

    1. O9C4.COM


      Hello @Zeex! Please, tell me what posts You want to be deleted? You can also do it yourself: Options - Delete

  3. Hi Mike would you be interested in Barclay's europe visanet receiver or particularly in DB europe?

    1. Mike_San


      Hi Zeex,

      Will check with my contact. Just got back from long travel to Germany and now back in China.

      I will get back to you on that.

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    • jerry tims

      I need sender for MT103 manual download to Guyana 
      Whatsapp: +17655517025...
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    • Siva Rajalingam  »  Rio Ral

      I need sender for MT103 manual download
      Whatsapp: +60164078566
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