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  2. HELLO I have serio sender DTC so i need urgent and only contact with receiver DTC whatsapp : +3465188488
  3. Hi We have a very professional receiver alliance lite 2 in Europe is a COE of central bank and can doing this operation in different European countries with succes but the only condition is to reciever to make video call with the head of the sender bank to verify the special permits and if you want the sender you will be with your banker no problem and then they agree on the bank and the right country to do this operation with a reasonable commission and at the end set an appointment to sit the sender with the expensive face reciever and sign the contract of the agreement before applying it
  4. We have floating houses for sale in Spain with a length of 12 meters and a width of 4 meters equipped at home with all the necessities and can be used as a private house on the beach or an investment in daily rental at an attractive price depending on the location and an estimated price of 99000 euros contactc : yamalk@yahoo.es whatsapp : 0034651884888
  5. Hello , I have good receiver IPIP in Singapore First Tranche 100 B USD/EURO Ratio Closed Receiver 50 % Sender 45 % Receiver side intermediaries 2.5% Sender side intermediaries 2.5 % NOTA : -Sender must travel to sign contract in Thailand or Singapore -If not the delegate must be able to video call to sender -After the video call , do a new DOA with a bank office to certify whatsapp : 0034651884888
  6. ONLINE & OFFLINE P.O.S. The freedom to process high volume card payments worldwide, FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES ONLY. WE offer tailor-made solutions to international companies with high card transactioN VOLUME REQUIREMENTS. OUR CUSOMER BASE generally operates within the precious metals, PRECIOUS STONES, ART AND LUXURY AUTOMOTIVE SECTOR. WE CAN SET UP A MERCHANT ACCOUNT AND OBTAIN A POINT OF SALE TERMINAL LINKED TO IT WITHIN 5 to 12 BANKING DAYS. The process is enabled by purchasing ALREADY EXISTING COMPANIES WITH A 10+ Year History in order to facilitate the CLIENTS OP
  7. Our group downloads and clears server funds on a weekly basis through our banking facilities in Mainland China and Thailand. Server transactions are under strict compliance rules and thus, companies seeking to use our facilities must pass the due diligence process before we can engage. The compliance team requires the fund owner's KYC, including passport, company certificate of incorporation and proof of life (bank statement, utility bill dating no longer than 90 days) and their Paymaster information. Upon approval of the compliance package, our company will issue an in
  8. We have a strong account to receive transfers via Western Union in England, Germany and Romania as well as North America and some West African countries with the ratio 50/50 whatsapp : 0034651884888
  9. We have different web 2D/3D to work with 50/50 and shipping starting from 1000 euros to a million euros or more with a 48-hour return period and each interested person must send his country and how much amount to invest with the type of bank card used until we send him the appropriate site . WHATSAPP : +34651884888
  10. We are looking card of bank American original USA type visa or mastercard with online access to load them with 50/50 ratio whatsapp: 0034651884888
  11. - RBC or SCOTIA canada banks need these too for a wire , amount dependes on limit- Urgent ( USA & CANADIAN ) credit cards loaded to limit of card online access required no chargeback ( ratio 50/50)whatsapp : 0034651884888
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