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  1. buzz me up if you have account for direct wire transfer, bf and btcf, +6285782083661

    1. Dezy


      Yes I do have a US company account 


  2. Looking For Sender MT103 Credits Transfer and MT103 cash Transfer. We r Serious, pls if u have a sender contact me : Whatsapp +84902530241 thank
  3. We need cardholders f2f In Malaysia payout within 72 hours only Loader , no broker. +84902530241
  4. We have A pos machine function of MOTO Online , We have Contract for Online , I Can do F2F if You want in vietnam . MOTO online use CVV if u Need contact me My Whatsapp : +84902530241 Thank
  5. ONLINE CVV 2 OR 3 DIGITS -Card owner -Card -Passport -POF -Rate: .Machine +project owner: 55% .Card owner: 40% .Machine +project facilitator team: 2.5% .Card owner facilitator team: 2.5% We can do it remote and pay out same day. give me ur Whatsapp i’ll contact
  6. Does anyone of you need UNIONPAY OR ALIPAY QR code merchants for funds dispersement Alipay - sender 80% +2.5(closed)% +2.5% Unionpay - sender 50% + 2.5%(closed) + 2.5% Payout 60min per transaction. Pay in Bank Transfer or Bitcoin(additional charge 3%) Min 2000 CNY per transaction Max 10mil per day.
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    • Sammy Olugbenga

      hsbc HongKong personal account is available, Bank of China HongKong business account is available,  hsbc switzerland account is also available.  
      Sender needed for these accounts.
      If interested, kindly text me on WhatsApp on +16026380341
      Pls only sender or mandate should text me.  Long chain of brokers are not welcomed. Thanks !
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    • Sammy Olugbenga

      I urgently need an offline pos!!! If you have it, kindly text me on WhatsApp via +16026380341
      All necessary documents and contract are  available with fresh POF and approval code will be generated. 
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    • Aaron Hanks

      I urgently need HSBC azz  KUWAIT for wire transfer.  DM asapI urgently need HSBC azz  KUWAIT for wire transfer.  DM asap
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