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  1. We are Transferwise, PayPal and Western Union receivers. Ratio is 70/30, only daily transfers, minimum is 2500$. NO UPPFRONT PAYMENT !!!!! If you are experienced in this type of work let us know we will make longterm partnership with you. Scammers,rippers, firstimers, time wasters please stay away from us. DONT ASK US HOW TO WORK, EVERYTHING IS WRITTEN IN THE TOPIC VERY CLEARLY !!!!!!!! WhattsApp Business +995599377749
  2. We have large quantity of masks. For certificate and photos please contact us +995599377749 WhattsApp Business
  3. We need 5-20K USD daily on our personal account or PayPal. Ratio:70/30, sameday payback in BTC +995599377749 Whatsapp Business
  4. i have a USD ( $) buyer , if anyone one is having USD then please whats up me 

    +971 528670666
  5. HDFC Bahrain we have receiver
    HSBC we have receiver 
    Noor Bank we have receiver 
    Emirates Islamic we hare receiver 
    RAK we have receiver 
    IndusInd Bank Dubai  
    UBL we have receiver (unlimited)  
    City Bank Dubai 500ml $ limit 
    Standard charted 
    Douche Bank  

    Also internationally we have sources for receiving with many banks 

    Western union receivable: USA, Germany, Singapore, UAE  

    Need to know KYC or Non KYC deals?
    Need to know the commission % 
    Need to know the sending location where to where?
    Need to know withdrawal or bank to bank transfer

    Need to know the deal is genuine or just timewaster

    Al serious deals only welcome please – 
    No timewaster 

    We don’t accept manual downloading 
    We don’t accept IPIP Transactions 

    Only swift, TT, MT 103/ 202 direct wire transfer acceptable 

    Currency Exchange

  6. Hi All, 

    I Have got UBL - United bank limited account in Dubai . its very old Unlimited account so any party interested sending fund them most welcome 

    we take only 20%   for receiving the fund so any body interested whatsup me 

    +971 528670666
  7. Looking for credit card loaders i need 4 digits. First you load than you get cashback immedietaly in the whole world. Text me in WhatssApp +995599377749. No prepayment  from us ! ! ! ! ! ! 

  8. Hi. I have a lot of VISA and Mastercard need posmachine for charging 3000EUR from each. I have CVV. Whattsapp Business +995599377749. Text me !
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      We pay 2% of the transaction face value as commission to our representatives, along with an introduction fee once the contract is executed.
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      We have bitcoin for sale with proof ready video screenshot 2000 BTC @ $9000 each
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