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  1. We have a lot of companies with different type of activities. All of them have clear history, they are safe and official, have their bank accounts. If you are interested in partnership please contact us +995599377749 Whattsapp Business. Ratio is 50/50 only, 4 digits.
  2. We offer you any kind of investments in Georgia ,Tbilisi also can help you in money transfering (bank to bank,wire and e.t.c) We can offer you the best conditions and ratio. Please contact us +995599377749 Whattsapp Business
  3. i have a USD ( $) buyer , if anyone one is having USD then please whats up me 

    +971 528670666
  4. HDFC Bahrain we have receiver
    HSBC we have receiver 
    Noor Bank we have receiver 
    Emirates Islamic we hare receiver 
    RAK we have receiver 
    IndusInd Bank Dubai  
    UBL we have receiver (unlimited)  
    City Bank Dubai 500ml $ limit 
    Standard charted 
    Douche Bank  

    Also internationally we have sources for receiving with many banks 

    Western union receivable: USA, Germany, Singapore, UAE  

    Need to know KYC or Non KYC deals?
    Need to know the commission % 
    Need to know the sending location where to where?
    Need to know withdrawal or bank to bank transfer

    Need to know the deal is genuine or just timewaster

    Al serious deals only welcome please – 
    No timewaster 

    We don’t accept manual downloading 
    We don’t accept IPIP Transactions 

    Only swift, TT, MT 103/ 202 direct wire transfer acceptable 

    Currency Exchange

  5. Hi All, 

    I Have got UBL - United bank limited account in Dubai . its very old Unlimited account so any party interested sending fund them most welcome 

    we take only 20%   for receiving the fund so any body interested whatsup me 

    +971 528670666
  6. Hi there. Our charity foundation looking for real partners who can donate funds. From 3000$ to 5000$ not more!!!. RAtio is 50/50. CASHBACK IN 2 or 3 DAYS MAXIMUM. Type of donation: Bank wire, WorldRemit. WE ARE RECEIVERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For DetAiLs: +995599377749 WHATSAPP BUSINESS
  7. We are receivers and looking for direct senders only!!!! We work only with 4 digits. WhatssApp Business +995599377749. IF YOU ARE NOT DRIECT SENDER DONT WASTE TIME !!!!!!! BANK TO BANK !!!!!
  8. We are loaders who are looking for cards with online acess. Ratio 60/40 Contact us in Whattsapp Business +995599377749
  9. We have charity funds and non-governmental organisations. If you are interested please contact us in Whattsapp Business +995599377749
  10. We are looking for a sender for wire transfers. Only 4 digits. +995599377749 WhattasApp Business. Ratio is 50/50. Better currency is EUR.
  11. We need investor in Georgia Tbilisi. Type: commercial, real estate. +995599377749 Whattsapp Business If you are looking for reliable place for invest money, feel free to contact us.
  12. Any kind of investment in Georgia Tbilisi. Whattsapp Business +995599377749
  13. We have 3 hotels with machines. Percent 50/50 Text us in Whatsapp +995599377749
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      Anyone that has US credit cards and home equity line of credit account, should contact me at +19193538525. Brokers , direct card holders are all welcome to my world of making money. Stay blessed 
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    • nageshraj123  »  BG / SBLC FOR LEASE / PURCHASE

      Dear sir/madam;
      We are specialist in providing direct and genuine provider of BG, SBLC, MTN, CD,LC , Non collateral loan, confirmable Bank Draft and other financial assistance from AAA rated bank (Prime Bank) our Leasing price of (5.0% + 0.5% + X) of face value of the instrument. The financial instrument can be invested in High Yield Trading Program or Private Placement Programme (PPP). thus our Bank Guarantee lease , the Direct Bank Guarantee and Indirect Bank Guarantee, which is used as Bid Bond, Payment Guarantees, Letter of Indemnity,Guarantee Securing Credit Line, Advance Payment Guarantees, Performance Bond Guarantee E.T.C.
      We are RWA ready to close leasing with any interested client in few banking days, we deliver promptly as set forth by our agreement. we have direct contact with the principal, mandate and brokers. we ensure unequaled service and will be glad to share our working procedures with you upon request to help us proceed towards closing deals effectively
      For further inquiry contact
      Name: Nagesh sundar raj belur
      E-mail: nageshrajbsfinance@gmail.com
      Skype ID: nageshrajbsfinance@gmail.com.
      Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers are welcome to bring their clients are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved.
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    • Munta

      Any real serious receiver for mt103 alliance lite2 manual download with cis,please contact me ASAP
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