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  1. Any receiver in this listed bank and register in 192.com electoral should contact me for this transaction. No need of time wasters or argument nor suggestion. Only account owner with proof should contact me via rt22878@gmail.com UNTRACEABLE PERSONAL AND CORPORATE LOANS!!! MY PERSONAL BANKER IS READY FOR PROCESSING MORE LOANS, PERSONAL OR CORPORATE ACCOUNTS TO THE FOLLOWING BANKS: NatWest RBS Nationwide Halifax TSB Barclay HSBC Llyod Santander 🇬🇧 only... NOTE: These Loans will be wiped off the system and are untraceable therefore account will still be active after the funds have been withdrawn. PERSONAL £25k x 3 instalments CORPORATE £75k x 3 instalments Contact your Clients and Receivers then contact me ASAP. Deal is 60/10/30 and non-negotiable NOTE: Your client must currently be in the UK 🇬🇧 electoral. Use 192.com to check your client is currently registered on his/her address.
  2. I need direct card holder of pos online 4 digits with already loaded card with pof . get back to me via email: rt22878@gmail.com
  3. I need direct owner of pos 4 digits machine for manual downloading and you most proof your owner by sending us video of you been close to pos machine with our secret code. get back to me via email: rt22878@gmail.com
  4. I need direct loader of Australia bank account like ing, bendigo, Citibank, Macquarie bank for wire transfer. contact me via email I’d: rt22878@gmail.com
  5. I have loader of Amex credit or debit card loader with online access but not Amex miles card. Only holder or mandate who can bring owner forward because card holder most do live video holding his card. Don’t contact me if your not ready to follow sender procedures and funds can be cashout either atm or pos. thanks rt22878@gmail.com
  6. I need direct mt103 one way swift message without upfront fee should contact me urgently via email I’d : rt22878@gmail.com
  7. I have receiver of dB Germany with Visa card link and also with other card but need direct loader. secondly we need direct sender of dtc and visa net should contact me via email . Anyone with pos offline or online one step pre authorisation 6 digits complete should also contact me on below email I’d:rt22878@gmail.com
  8. I have visanet receiver need direct sender and also dB Germany is available for urgent transaction. I also have dtc receiver and bo to bo most be allowed and send most give pof. sender or mandate should contact me urgently. My email I’d rt22878@gmail.com thanks
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