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  1. I have a company account in USA of Chase Bank and Mid American credit union bank for direct wire transfer. If any one have geneune sender what's up me on +91879303365.Please serious sender and mandate.
  2. There is urgent requirement of physical Indian Amex Card in Hyderabad for loading. If any one have what's up me on +918793033625
  3. Can you share your whatsapp no. I have debit and credit card to load. My whatsapp no is +918793033625
  4. I have geneune 2 d gateway link. What's up Me the card details on +91-8793033625.
  5. I need UK or us card I have 2 d gateway link. Can I get your whatsapp no please my whatsapp no is +92-8793033625.
  6. I have account details of zenith bank account with loaded amount huge.Any one have machine for punching 

    1. Joseph


      available for punching 4 digits

    2. MHASSAN


      +971 528670666 let me know the deal directly 

  7. My whatsapp no is +918793033625

    Give me the details 

  8. I have sender My whatsapp no is +918793033635 We can load huge amount
  9. I have a card but have card no and pin. Can you work on this 

    1. Dezy


      Yes I can work on it whatsapp +2348130185156

  10. I Have American Express card . USA
    Online Access
    User ID n Password
    any Reliable n Genuine Loader
    Msg inbox

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      Have insta global sender in Chennai?
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    • international crime control bureau  »  sadnessclubworldwide@gmail.com

      i need www.indianglobalpay.ga receiver  in india  chandigarh  rajpura    ambala  delhi
      i need indianglobalpay.ga
      i need indian global pay
      cont 6280063284
      whatsapp 8699586364
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    • Aaron Hanks

      We currently receive
      ANY SENDER can cooperate with us, but we only receive automatic , we will not use any code to download or query.
      🚨 The sender must send MT199 via Swift (not via email). As long as the content of the file is correct, the sender does not need to sign or stamp.
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