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  1. 1-I need a direct receiver/mandate of DB germany for wire transfer. I'm direct to the sender mandate, amount €500m. 2-I need a direct receiver/mandate for Alliance lite 2, I'm direct to sender mandate, amount €500m.you must submit CIS with account video not older than 3weeks old showing Alliance lite 2 code for sender's approval before we issue contracts to you. 3- I need a direct receiver/mandate for IPIP most preferablly Europe, Asia (excluding Indonesia) for my two IPIP senders(each with its own terms and procedures,one of which is f2f exchange of final codes and the other must have a video call with your receiver before the exchange of documents and kicking of the transaction) Amount: first sender between 50b-100b Second sender, we upload according to Receiver's capacity,upto Trillions. All transactions I'm direct, no broker Chains.. You must be direct to your receiver to close any of this deals quickly. Email: Feelmrnice@gmail.com WhatsApp: +2348082689101
  2. 🛑 *I need a Direct Receiver Mandate* *_I have 3 direct senders for the below transactions and terms for each must be met or please don't bother to write me_* ‼ *First IPIP sender:* _Total amount not less than 100B or according to Receivers Capacity with contracts_ ▪ *Ratio:* _T. B. D._ ▪ *Procedure:* _Sender will issue MT199 to the receiver, no BO to BO_ ▪ *Terms:* _Receiver Must accept to receive final codes from the sender F2F,sender will go to receivers country, any part of the world on sender's expenses and give final codes in hand to the receiver_ ‼ *Second IPIP sender:* _Total amount not less than 100B or according to Receivers Capacity upto 1T with or without contracts_ ▪ *Ratio:* _T. B. D._ ▪ *Procedure:* _As the receiver wishes, We can do BO to BO, or mandate to mandate, if your receiver wants MT199 whatever procedure is most comfortable by you_ ▪ *Terms* _Receiver must be willing to have a video call with my sender to prove your directness. And transaction will start an hour immediately after the call. ‼ *Alliance Lite 2:* _is for a total amount of €500 million with 1st tranche of €9.8 million, 2nd tranche of €240.2 million and 3rd tranche of €250 million._ ▪ *Ratio:* _T. B. D_ ▪ *Procedure:* _T. B. D_ ▪ *Terms:* _Receiver must provide current video of account, must not be today, maximum 1month old_ ✅ *NOTE:* *_Please read and understand carefully, don't write me if you are not direct, don't inbox me if you can't keep any of the terms written, let's not waste our time, I'll simply ignore you. I'm direct to the senders, and you must be direct to the receiver(at least 2nd degree person before the receiver)_* My WhatsApp https://wa.me/2348082689101
  3. Hello my sender is looking for the direct receiver mandate of the below listed IPIP companies PT.SRAM BULLION MINING EXPORT AND IMPORT. PT. ARTHA KENCANA INTERNATIONAL Indonesia 🇮🇩 IBAA Fund Ltd. Hong Kong Jing Yang investment. Union Access MNZ Equity Capital Ventures Uk🇬🇧 Venupalon unipasoala Portugal 🇵🇹 And many other receivers in Thailand, canada, Indonesia, Hong Kong etc. If you are direct mandate to any IPIP receiver write me, and we'll go through our files to kmow if we have any pending transactions with your receiver. We have over 800 screens of uncompleted transactions, you must prove that you are direct to the receiver or I'll exercise the right to block you. We are also looking for IPIP receivers for new uploads, we have strict conditions to be met to prove you are direct to the receiver, we don't wanna leave transactions uncompleted anymore. Please whatsapp me with +2348082689101
  4. I'm direct mandate to Receivers Spread accros Europe,North America, Asia, and Middle East for Wire, TT and MT103 Cash transfer both KYC and Non KYC. F2F also welcomed. No broker Chain,I'm the direct mandate to four Strong, Reliable, Capable and efficient receivers. Please Senders or Sender direct Mandate whatsapp me alone +2348082689101..
  5. I need a direct POS OFFLINE 6-DIGIT Receiver no BROKER CHAINS❌ POF Available It's a clean genuine funds, no criminal records, no charge back. Direct Receiver Alone, I'll easily ignore you if you are not a receiver.. You must prove to us you have a working POS. I'll provide you all you need. WhatsApp me please +2348082689101
  6. I have strong and reliable receivers for MT103, Wire, TT in both Europe and Dubai. Anyone with a performing sender, please message me on WhatsApp with +2348082689101. 2 Receiver also available for IPIP in Europe. 2 Receivers available for IPIP, IPID AND DTC in Hong Kong.
  7. I have 2 strong IPIP, IPID and DTC receiver in hong kong, with Deutsche bank and HSBC respectively. Both with Government and Chinese Chamber of International commerce approval. Please whatsapp me with +2348082689101 I would love to do business with anyone with direct sender.
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    • Mehdi sobhani

      We need sender ipip chek kyc
      my number on whatsapp +989183632927
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    • MHASSAN  »  Guest377749

      i have a USD ( $) buyer , if anyone one is having USD then please whats up me 
      +971 528670666
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    • MHASSAN  »  Guest377749

      HDFC Bahrain we have receiver
      HSBC we have receiver 
      Noor Bank we have receiver 
      Emirates Islamic we hare receiver 
      RAK we have receiver 
      IndusInd Bank Dubai  
      UBL we have receiver (unlimited)  
      City Bank Dubai 500ml $ limit 
      Standard charted 
      Douche Bank  
      Also internationally we have sources for receiving with many banks 
      Western union receivable: USA, Germany, Singapore, UAE  

      Need to know KYC or Non KYC deals?
      Need to know the commission % 
      Need to know the sending location where to where?
      Need to know withdrawal or bank to bank transfer

      Need to know the deal is genuine or just timewaster
      Al serious deals only welcome please – 
      No timewaster 
      We don’t accept manual downloading 
      We don’t accept IPIP Transactions 
      Only swift, TT, MT 103/ 202 direct wire transfer acceptable 
      Currency Exchange
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