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  1. Hi If anyone is connected with this company Saroco Financial Trinidad Limited , along with Manual written and signed mandate letter on letter head can contact us for transfer fund clearing work upon pgl . Regards
  2. Hi USA corporate account available for kyc work .. payout to account transfer/BITCOIN transfer. HSBC London corporate trading account available for kyc work .. Any genuine sender or mandate with proper connection with sender can contact us. We need proper kyc with agreement no manipulation or non kyc work. Can take any amount and immediate payout once credited into account. Skype: sujaysaan@outlook.com If required online access for view mode available for USA account. Regards
  3. Hi USA corporate account available for proper kyc work .. will take any amount and do immediate payout account transfer or bitcoin .. Will receive any amount fund 500M kyc in investment mode . Direct wire or MT103 202 Ready for proper genuine kyc agreement. And for long term business. Ratio 40+10 If any genuine sender looking for proper receiver can contact with agreement. Note: if you want to do proper kyc work dont manipulate or photoshop the kyc documents .. its purely waste of time because we will verify kyc if genuine then only we do business. Regards Skype: sujaysaan@outlook.com
  4. Hello USA corporate account available for receiving KYC funds .. long term . Full kyc Agreement base work .. can receive 500million usd/euro is minimum in multiple transactions. Investment mode or purchase mode. Payout will be immediate once hitting the account . We only provide account details first after receiving sender cis we provide our kyc . Then will go for agreement. We do payout to account transfer or in BITCOIN If online access required we do provide for view mode of our account no full access or full control. Trail can start from 500k to 1 Million Only genuine sender please .. people who don't have proper access with sender or provider please don't waste your time and our time. We do only kyc funds please no any type of non kyc funds or not accepted. Regards Skype : sujaysaan@outlook.com
  5. Hi USA corporate accounts available for receiving direct wire funds with online access (view mode). Trail can start with 100k USD/Euro and can go with full kyc agreement as investment mode or instrument purchase charge . Can receive upto 5 billion USD/Euros. Online access can be given for view mode .. to check balance credited or not. 49 million one shot transaction . Payout to account transfer any where in the world immediately once amount hit the receiver account. No long chain media ... Also ready for electronic cheque work.. can deposit electronic cheque once fully cleared .. payout is immediate. Any genuine sender looking for USA corporate account with online view mode access can contact Skype: sujaysaan@outlook.com Regards.
  6. Hello Visitors, Welcome to my profile.! 

    I'm from India, I've been in this field like from 3 years. Direct and indirect clients are working with me. I do work on and provide 

    MT103-202 receiver Accounts from India, USA, Asia, Europe and UAE

    Global accounts or accounts from any country for parking the fund. Fund parking for 15 days, 30 days, 1 year. 

    Chest or second account sellers from India. who are looking for premium buyers to transfer amount from chest to chest. 


    NGO's available to receive fund and can do payout anywhere in the world. NGO's from India will do payout in india only. 

    USA, Europe NGO's as receivers. Ukraine ngo, USA ngo, UK ngo indian ngo etc.. 

    Hawala service also available world wide. 

    we work with genuine and professional people who have the subject knowledge and who knows their client. Please know your client before you initiate the process. I'm the mandate and next to receivers mandate. can provide accounts from worldwide. 

    Thanks & Regards 

    1. Matex Batu

      Matex Batu

      Hi, we can send MT103/202 manual download no upfront fees
      1) Send receivers company and account info for our  due diligence(DD)
      2) We will send a  contract to you. After which the transfer commences
    2. luthfaan shaikh

      luthfaan shaikh

      Plzzz whatsapp me 9137893916 

      I have receiver of MT 103


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      I need a sender "Swift Server MT 103 Cash Transfer" contract is ready, just need the sender to fill in. You decide which ratio you want then we negotiate but I promise you a good deal. Email: jsthamid@gmail.com
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      I have Receivers at Indonesia for Ipip.... If Anyone have sender Plz WhatsApp me Need serious Sender & Deal +60189774936........
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