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  1. Hi Looking for sender for already happened transfer of 5 billion euros multiple transfers to London HSBC GPI Account wire transfer. If anyone knows sender immediately come with slips to claim amount. We want slips of Transfer to the London GPI Account HSBC. Skype: sujaysaan@outlook.com Regards VisionLtd.UK
  2. Hi any one looking for proper and perfect international corporate Accounts for Receiving funds contact me. Only genuine and reliable sender . We don't provide any unnecessary details like login details and ssn type. If you are ready for straight job then ask details . Don't waste our time if you are your sender is not capable. Regards
  3. Hi We have genuine and proper Receivers to receive kyc and non kyc funds to their account. If any genuine and proper sender available for working with us can contact us. Bank of America Hsbc - usa , uk , Germany , Dubai Barclays - uk Deutsch Bank- Germany , uk Please do cross check your sender before asking for details of Receiver. Skype - sujaysaan@outlook.com Regards
  4. about MIRYA TRADING LTD want to find ipip receiver. We can do it, but need to sender can sent 199, if sender have 199 format. Please send to me , I send to my banker to confirm this format is ok or not ok. 

    Email: belindalee9568@gmail.com

  5. Hi We Looking for recent transaction upload slips of Receiver Sawang Pattana Inter Group Co.Ltd , from Chatuchak, Thailand company . Transaction amount more than 20 billion . We required any one color clear slip with cis for verification of funds and transaction details to be look into contract . We need one color slip with CIS only if you have access with Receiver. Receiver access is important and mandatory .. if you don't have access and sending details is waste of time. We have very good proper channel to finish work in one week .. we don't want any proof from Receiver and any downlo
  6. Hi If anyone having recent IPIP transaction upload slips from any Receiver companies of Indonesia Bangkok and Vietnam countries . Amount of transaction is Minimum 20 billion and more . Can finish this work in one week if media or mandate have proper access with Receiver and Receiver should support. One we required is IPIP slip any color one is enough for checking the transaction status and CIS of the Receiver. Sender companies we accepted like mirya trading and personal perfect any other except venna 121 and new venna 121 sender companies. So if anyone looking for ge
  7. Yes we are here for genuine work in professional way. My Skype ID sujaysaan@outlook.com
  8. Hi everyone Receiving Accounts available for kyc and non kyc international work. If anyone is ready with real work sender then contact Can receive 500m per day .. Skype ID: sujaysaan@outlook.com Note: contact only if you have real working sender and not time passer who do collecting agent job. Don't ask details of Receiver if you are not confident about your sender. We are not ready in entertaining collection agents who are useless to us . Please verify before you ask.
  9. Hi Anyone have any Recent IPIP upload slips of the Receiver from Vietnam Indonesia and Bangkok then contact me along with slips and cis for Payout. Only if 20 billion and more transfer amount slips available with you. We are looking for payout from this country IPIP Receivers. Which can be done not more than 3 days if receiver is serious and ready to perform the work. Note: please check you are really connected with Receiver or not .. if you not connected with Receiver and sending upload slips and cis is no use .. many people is having in the market . We are looking for genui
  10. I want FANG HANPING IPIP Receiver Hong Kong only .. where already transaction done and looking for payout
  11. Hello We are looking for FANG HANPING , IPIP Hong Kong Receiver mandate or media with cis .. sender wanted payout for recent transaction happened first week of this month. If anyone connected with this Receiver come with CIS of Receiver .. only if you know Receiver or mandate of the Receiver .. if you don't know cis sending no use . Don't waste your time first when you don't know the concern person. We want genuine Receiver media. Skype ID: sujaysaan@outlook.com REGARDS
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