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  1. pls find me by Wechat "15092271752" 


  2. My নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী is looking for genuine Citlivý obsah for GPI automatic/manual download MT103/202 manual download. Only direct mandate should contact me, Ratio is 40% inclusive with Citlivý obsah's mandate and 60% to নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী. No time wasters or longchain allowed as zoom call will be done with the Unpassender Inhalt mandate. So if your নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী is okay with my post then dm me... Email: badurcox@gmail.com Skype: Badur Cox
  3. Hope no upfront and online access
  4. Are you a moneygram or western union sender?
  5. Hello Sir 

    We have direct receiver WU account in middle east kuwait is der any work for WU in kuwait  plz if you have or any close one of urs plz contact me for further details On my email sahaad2009@gmail.com

  6. First of all your post didn't say if you have a receiver or sender, I only asked if you have a Deutsche Bank Singapore receiver. So you need to edit your post and not you telling me to read your post..
  7. Hey we are looking for DEUTSCHE bank Singapore, contact me on Skype: Badur Cox Telegram: +15102525720 Badur Cox, so we can discuss and yes DOA is ready if we get your receiver CIS
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