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  1. Looking for money support to start private rugby union schools and professional rugby clubs in Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan. Rugby union is a rapid grows kind of sports Worldwide. Government support is very slow and I need private funding to move fast and create strong international wide rugby clubs. I have human resources and rights in the locations to start the rugby project.
  2. Welcome to invest in sale of goods from China to Russian market. We have an exclusive delivery route from China to any city of Russia with customs cleared service included. We can do business as individuals. Very simple way to do business, with no legal routine. 1. Investors needs to pay any goods from China and ask supplier to move goods to special forwarding company in China. You can delegate this to me - I can help with trusted suppliers. You can also use B2B marketplaces to find reliable suppliers from China: Alibaba, EC21, Tradekey and many more. 2. It needs about 14-21 days for ca
  3. Strong developer from Russia is opened for global lenders funding of the expand residential construction. We are one of the best players on local market with strong experienced team and government support. Welcome your experts to see our ready made projects: residential complexes.
  4. If You a Buyer, then let me know the details of Your request: products You need (preferable supplier or any), what market You in (country and city), quantity, sale strategy (do You have own stores)? If You an Investor, then let me know and I will share an active buying requests we have.
  5. Welcome to invest in global supply of various post-paid goods. We created Request for Quotation entry to find a buyers all over the world. After buyer post a request, we will find the best supplier, negotiate, buy and delivery to one of our warehouses: Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk), Georgia (Tbilisi, Zugdidi), Mexico (Ciudad Juárez). Buyer will check the requested products in stock and pay 100%. If buyer won't buy, we will sell the products anyway with our own resources on the local market.
  6. Submit your requests in the entry comments for postpaid supplying of various products from all over the world. We will find professional supplier, negotiate, buy, delivery and warehousing: Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk), Georgia (Tbilisi, Zugdidi), Mexico (Ciudad Juárez). Client will check the delivered products and make 100% payment.
  7. Оставляйте заявки в комментариях к этой записи на поставку любой продукции со всего мира по постоплате. Мы найдем профессионального производителя, проведем переговоры, закупим, привезем и разместим у себя на складе: Россия (Москва, Новосибирск), Грузия (Тбилиси, Зугдиди), Мексика (Ciudad Juárez). Заказчик проверит продукцию и произведет 100% оплату.
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