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  1. Issuing Bank: ING Poland LTV: 25 percent Minimum Amount: 10 million euro. Maximum Amount: 150 million euro. Payment terms: payment within 10 days upon delivery of MT-760. Procedure- 1. Buyer fills out the contract & submits project overview for approval. 2. If the Buyer's project is deemed satisfactory, Seller issues invoice for administrative handing charges (29,500 USD to 300,000 USD depending on the instruments value). 3. Buyer settles the invoice. 4. Seller proceeds towards allocating the funds within 2 banking days in order to issue the preadvice. 5. Seller's bank issues the preadvice, backed by the allocated balance. 6. Buyer's bank confirms readiness. 7. Seller's bank issues MT-760 SBLC. 8. Within 10 days, Buyer bank pays the stipulated LTV in full. Only if the above terms are workable, email Erlhard57@gmail.com or WhatsApp: +44 7832 182734
  2. Corporate US OR ASIAN account loadings only - (fiscal reasons) - Funds originate from EU. Ratio is 55% to Receiver 45% to Sender. Upfront Terminal fee 9 000 USD equally split between introducer (us) & receiver. 1. We issue contract. 2. You sign contract, I issue invoice and you pay 4 500 USD before the end of the day (eventually by bitcoin) 3. We redirect the first tranche of 700 000 USD to your beneficiary account 4. You disburse the funds. 5. We redirect the next tranches until total amount is reached. Email Erlhard57@gmail.com if the above terms are workable. WhatsApp: +44 7832 182734
  3. CCOG monthly allocation is €120M, after this lot next GPI transaction will be in a month time. 1. You send us, CIS and account information to verify authenticity from our banks. 2. If verified authentic, we will send you the document of agreement for loans and joint venture patnership because this is the term on which we will dispense the funds. 3. On returning the signed document of agreement, you will be invoiced $9,800 for swift GPI interface and the inhouse bank Bulletproof IP. 4. Upon payment confirmation, account will be allocated transaction time within 24 hours for €50m release. 5. Reciever pays out within 48 hours There are no free swift GPI transactions, we pay all operators upfront, so only contact me if the above terms are workable. WhatsApp +44 7832 182734 Email: Erlhard57@gmail.com
  4. I am a direct sender out of Monaco, contact me via WhatsApp terms and procedures +44 7832 182734
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      Hi everyone. I saw comments from people who already got their loan from Union Cash Loan Company (unioncashloan@gmail.com)  and then I decided to apply under their recommendations after 5 hours I confirmed in my bank account the amount I requested for loan of $60,000. I'm Mariah I'm a nurse, I'm so glad to share this comment here. This is really a great news. Here is Union Cash Loan contact details: SMS or Whats-App +1 716-325-0752
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      i tried to contact you on your whats app.. but you d'n't have ..
      any way please contact me i'm interested ..
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      We have a CHARITABLE FUND on which we can 
      to receive any money, to $ 25mln dollars.
      ratio % - will be discuss.
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