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  1. Dear Sir, We are strong receiver of unlimited amount and able to do it anywhere in the world. Hope to work with you soon. You may email to me at kkprem17@gmail.com Thank you
  2. Dear Wan,

    I have strong IPIP receiver in few countries in Europe, you may proceed to issue your CIS to confirm before could sign agreement. Please email to kkprem17@gmail.com

    Thank you,

    1. wanwei558


      I need a receiver for 104-103/202 & 103/202 & DTC!

      I need a receiver!
      104-103/202 - Return 60% without debate and for you and the receiver 40%.Attached.

      103/202 - Return 65% without debate and for you and the receiver 35%.The receiver without payment receives 103 then immediately pays 300k and receives 202.Attached.

      DTC - For the return for the sender and me 35% and for you and your receiver 65%.The receiver and his bank officer should give this letter and then the sender will give the POF.There is no letter from the banker of the receiver - no pof - and no deal.Attached.


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