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    High-end, best quality Swiss Movement Watches available. 

    We supply high end luxury watches at a discounted price, sometimes as much as 20% of the list price. 

    Reach out to crescuswatches@gmail.com for more information.

    We ship worldwide we prefer to work with Africa only, less strict custom laws. Anywhere else if your own responsibility. 

    We accept bitcoin and wire transfers, card payments will be enabled early 2020. 

    For the catalogue and special request, reach out via the following channels: 

    • WhatsApp Group (for up to date Catalogue):¬†https://chat.whatsapp.com/Fu1W5j0zffp5iGgHd9X1uV
    • Or PM me on: info@crescuswatches.com.¬†
    • Regards, Evgenia, Sales Manager: WhatsApp, +447915856085

    We have every model from every luxury brand you want. Rolex, Patek, Audemars, Hublot, Richard Mille. 


    Our new European Real Estate Investment Fund aimed at African and Asian Limited Partners. 
    The Portuguese housing market is expected to remain buoyant this year, with Moody's Investors Service predicting house price increases of between 7% and 8% every year until 2020. There are no restrictions on foreign property ownership in Portugal and transaction costs are generally low.

    We offer the opportunity for African and Asian investors to become limited partners in our fund and have equity in real estate assets, mostly houses and apartments located in Portugal. 

    Such a structure comes with several advantages because it allows participants who are unable to afford an asset to own a fraction of it but also qualify for a golden visa and permanent residency in addition to building an actual asset portfolio that can serve as collateral.

    The compensation works through dividends, once profit has been made, the profits of a development project will be shared with the fund's partners. 

    The above case of figure is an example, the portfolio size can vary in function of the investors profile. Minimum placement in the fund is 35,000 EURO. 35,000 EURO buys a a student flat near Porto or Coimbra.

    Opportunity for non-EU nationals to obtain a Golden Visa.

    Created on October 8, 2012, by the Portuguese government, this legal tool allows its holders to request the granting of the Permanent Residence Authorization in Portugal and even file for require the acquisition of Portuguese nationality, fulfilling the other requirements required by the Nationality Law.
    It can be attributed to any national citizen of Third States that carries out an investment activity in the country. In the case of real estate investment the acquisition, in urban rehabilitation, should exceed ‚ā¨ 350,000.

    Golden visa in Portugal: requirements

    Any non-EU/EFTA national can apply for apply for a golden visa in Portugal, or Portuguese investor visa, provided they make at least one of the investments below, either as an individual business person or via a business set up in Portugal or another EU member state.

    You must fit at least one of the following categories to claim Portuguese residency by investment:

    • Capital transfer of at least EUR 1 million into Portugal
    • The creation of at least 10 job positions in Portugal
    • The purchase of real estate property in Portugal worth at least EUR 500,000
    • The purchase of real estate property in Portuguese urban regeneration areas at least 30 years old to the value of at least EUR 350,000
    • Investment of at least EUR 350,000 in scientific research in Portugal
    • Investment of at least EUR 250,000 in Portuguese arts, culture and heritage
    • Investment of at least EUR 500,000 in small and medium businesses in Portugal.

    Portugal’s investor visa covers shareholders of companies already set up in Portugal, or in another EU state with a stable residence in Portugal and tax obligations fulfilled. The investment established for the golden visa has to be maintained for a minimum of five years from the date when the Portuguese golden visa is established.


    Advantages of Golden Visa:

    • Possibility to live, invest and work in Europe.
    • Travel freely throughout the Schengen area without the need for a visa or passport.
    • Payment of taxes with the same conditions as any other European citizen.
    • Access to the European Health System.
    • Children/young people can apply for the free education system. They are also able to study at European Universities as European citizens.
    • Family reunion for direct family members (ascendants and descendants).
    • Apply for Portuguese nationality after 5 years.
    • Reduced period of mandatory stay in the reduced country, of only 7 - 14 days per year.


    I remain available for further discussions regarding this matter. 

    If you wish to be contacted back please fill out the form below. 


  3. MT-103/202 WIRE TRANSFER

    MT-103/202 WIRE TRANSFER 
    We have in total 302,500,000.00 USD to move via direct wire transfer, we can work with various groups. No manual download involved. We prefer to work with African or Asian countries. Any bank is acceptable.
    Account loadings only - (fiscal reasons) - Funds originate from EU. Ratio is 55% to Receiver 45% to Sender. Upfront Terminal fee 45 000 USD equally split between introducer (us) & receiver.  
    1. We issue a contract.  
    2. You sign the contract and email it back to raju@ccoag.com. The email should mention the company or individual name and address to whom the invoice should be issued, I issue invoice and you pay 22 500 USD.  
    3. We redirect the first tranche of 2,150,000 USD to your beneficiary account within 6h after receiving the payment.
    4. You disburse the funds to our account in China.  
    5. We redirect the next tranches until the total amount is reached.  
    Reach out if the following terms are workable. 
    Don't ask me to do a test transfer or give you a free ride. 
    1. Visanetreceiver



  4. African trade and infrastructure funding.

    Financing African Infrastructure Projects & Trade
    The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) estimates the  trade finance  gap in  Africa  at $110 billion to $120 billion, which is approximately 25 percent of total demand.

    Although Africa is the continent with the highest average annual GDP growth per year, many entrepreneurs lack funding for their ongoing businesses or projects. 

    That's where we chose to tackle part of the problem and offer structured funding in the form of low interest short-term bridge-loans and long term loans for up to 96 months. 

    We lend up to 12.5M USD for 90-day periods at an 8% flat interest rate. 

    The funds are borrowed for business purposes only. The fees for this would be 32,500 USD. 

    We also have long term loan options enabling us to loan up to 150 million USD for up to 84 months (7 years) at 3.05% flat interest rate but the initial deposit is much higher. 

    Feel free to reach out for more information. 

    When you agree to move ahead tell us to which company or individual an invoice must be issued, we will issue an invoice. 

    Once the balance has been paid we will issue a new contract,  within four banking days  after contract signature we will release the funds. 

    The balance is used in order to place a collateral that will enable us to issue a the loan, regardless of the project/company. 

    Also, we will partner with a company in your country, which will release the funds/or collect the payments from you. 

    I hope we can assist you towards funding your business-needs.

    We also finance businesses in emerging markets across Asia. 

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    • HIjack

      Currently seeking serious investors into the second and third phase of condominium and surrounding infrastructure project in the picturesque Bang Saray, Sattahip on Thailands Eastern seaboard Arguably Asia's most thriving property market representing an average annual growth of 5% per annum http://www.clubquarterscondo.com is the first phase already in construction. The reason for investing in this part of the world is very simply laid out in youtube video link below for information on the project surrounding infrastructure and potential returns we are exclusively representing a group of the most reputable Land developers and construction specialists on the eastern seaboard as well as offering investment we are currently offering an early bird promotion of an 8% RG across construction not to mention the fact that projects in this part of Thailand generally show growth of 20-30% across a 2 - 3 year construction period. 
      For more information or a talk with the investment team here in Bang Saray please contact James or Alan on +66 94 328 6004 or alternatively email uniquepropertypattaya@gmail.com
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    • Shahjahan Ahammed

      I need Safra Bank account in Europe, Account must has a capacity to received $50 million. Anywhere in Europe is OK.  It is a full KYC fund and transaction will be switch from Safra Bank Brazil.
      Please contact: sahammed05@gmail.com
      Mobile: +44 7581 322060
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    • G√ľnter Davies

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