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  1. i am in india call me or text me +91984483160
  2. can you do bank transfer to india or Paypal account?
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    • anime anime

      Tôi cần mooitj hợp đồng mt 103 customer credit card transfer về Việt Nam . Liên hệ whatspp +84963527544
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    • Magma Fin

      We are International brokerage firm, specialized in helping individuals and businesses access funding. We are private lenders, your complete financial solution whenever you are looking for personal loan or funding for your business. With us, you can access funds of up to USD500 million for either start up or already existing projects. Kindly get back to us: magmafincropp@gmail.com
      Whats-app us on +917428734439
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    • wolfsnow

      For transactions with values up to 1 Million USD, EUR and BRL DAY:
      1 - Customer creates a paypal account.
      2 - Register the OFFLINE card in the paypal account.
      3 - Provide us with the registered email address.
      4 - We send a charge in the amount we agreed, the customer accesses the link. This link opens paypal and makes the payment.
      5 - We confirm the transaction and transfer it via deposit to an ARMORED account in Europe or Brazil through our partners by BTC, which converts to local currency.
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