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  1. send me your email address or your whatsapp or telegram acct so i can respond to your queries faster. thank you.
  2. Our group is a very strong, professional and trustworthy VISANET receiver from two Asian countries who accept up to 100M daily and can accommodate unlimited amounts. 13 or 14 digit IAT Numbers available. We are looking for no-nonsense, serious, reliable and direct senders for "immediate" and above-board transactions. We are also an upright Offline and Online POS receiver. ONLY NO-NONSENSE, SERIOUS, RELIABLE, SOLID, STRONG DIRECT SENDERS are being considered and will be prioritized accordingly. IF YOU ARE, leave a message here with your email address, whatsapp or telegram contact details and I will revert back to you IMMEDIATELY. PEDDLERS and TIME WASTERS BACK OFF!!!
  3. Hi. I sent you email and a whatsapp message. Kindly check. Thank you.
  4. I have solid POS Online and Offline receivers from Vietnam and Australia. Email me at josemarcelino0624@gmail.com for detailed procedure.
  5. Email sent. Kindly check and reply. Thank you.
  6. I'm in need of a solid and genuine sender for VISANET IAT to IAT transaction. My receiver can easily handle considerable large amounts. DOA and video available. We can start immediately. For serious senders, please email me at josemarcelino0624@gmail.com. Take note: FOR SOLID AND SERIOUS SENDERS ONLY. Absolutely not for timewasters!!! See you in my inbox.
  7. I have visanet receivers looking for serious senders. Request for videos wont be accepted Receiver has no limit. Please get in touch with me thru this thread. ABSOLUTELY NO SCAMMERS AND TIME WASTERS PLEASE!!!
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      Do you  have any Colorado client or Wyoming client? Dm me for a good job .
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    • Demidov Ilya Igorevich

      Top of Form
      Dear Buyer/Buyer mandate
      We have available FOB for Russian aviation kerosene colonial grade 54 jet fuel, russian d2 – gas oil (diesel) l0.2-62 gost305-82, russian virgin d6 fuel, Jeta1 fuel, (lpg) liquid petroleum gas, (Lng) liquefied natural gas, Petroleum coke, Euro 4 diesel, Diesel en590, Bitumen60/70, Diesel en590 and others with workable procedure, whereby buyer will dip test in seller tank.
      Port of loading: vladivostok/primorsk/nakhodka/rotterdam/Houston
      Kindly contact us via email (oooneftstandart2020@mail.ru) for SCO
      Best Regards
      Company Name: OOO NEFT STANDART
      WhatsApp: +79260046493
      Email: oooneftstandart2020@mail.ru
      Twitter: @OOONEFTSTANDAR1
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      Need a business/project loan for a Sri Lankan Startup. Repayment in 20 months.
      Requirement : 100,000USD with 5%-8% Interest.
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