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  1. hola Jose tenemos receptor en el west fargo EE.UU

    whatsapp +5491124497618

  2. I'm in need of a GENUINE, CAPABLE and READY USD Provider for a Private Foreign Exchange Currency Swap. My client is the Euro Provider who will be giving a 25% execution bonus in favour of the USD Provider. I will provide the non-negotiable procedure for the USD Provider to follow as well as other details related to the transaction. Genuine, capable and ready providers please post your whatsapp no. or email address and I will respond immediately. NO TIME WASTERS PLEASE!
  3. I'm so tired dealing with bogus and underperforming senders I've been burned a lot of times because of long chain of brokers and so-called direct sender mandates. If you truly are direct to your senders who have contracts and DOAs for the above stated financial services, shoot me an email so we can start a genuine transaction immediately. My email address is josemarcelino0624@gmail.com. I also have a POS Online receiver from cambodia.
  4. send me your email address or your whatsapp or telegram acct so i can respond to your queries faster. thank you.
  5. Our group is a very strong, professional and trustworthy VISANET receiver from two Asian countries who accept up to 100M daily and can accommodate unlimited amounts. 13 or 14 digit IAT Numbers available. We are looking for no-nonsense, serious, reliable and direct senders for "immediate" and above-board transactions. We are also an upright Offline and Online POS receiver. ONLY NO-NONSENSE, SERIOUS, RELIABLE, SOLID, STRONG DIRECT SENDERS are being considered and will be prioritized accordingly. IF YOU ARE, leave a message here with your email address, whatsapp or telegram contact details and I will revert back to you IMMEDIATELY. PEDDLERS and TIME WASTERS BACK OFF!!!
  6. Hi. I sent you email and a whatsapp message. Kindly check. Thank you.
  7. I have solid POS Online and Offline receivers from Vietnam and Australia. Email me at josemarcelino0624@gmail.com for detailed procedure.
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