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  1. Insta Global Pay Receiver Urgently Needed Reach Via Whatsapp @ +1 702-907-4064
  2. Urgently require loaders for U.S Revolut App.. Reach via Whatsapp @ +1 702-907-4064
  3. My sender can get it done....But can't found you with that Whatsapp number. Reach me at: +1 702-907-4064
  4. Have emailed you but no response... Reach me via Whatsapp @ +1 702-907-4064
  5. Hello Dharis, I emailed you but got no response from you. I'm direct to sender and looking for not just ANY receiver but genuine receivers that can payout like you've stated (3-4hrs) Kindly send me a Whatsapp msg @ +1 702-907-4064
  6. Urgently need a Direct Receiver for Business Global Pay (BGP) with MasterCard.. Should be capable to PAYOUT IN 3 HOURS.. It's a long-term business and a huge contract. Highly Sincerity is needed... Contact at Whatsapp Asap @ +1 702-907-4064 NB: Direct Receivers Only..
  7. I guess you're a STUPID BEING...I'm just a broker and got Details from my clients and send to you...If you analyse and found they are not Genuine, you let the deal be.... Don't come here and bring up your insanity
  8. Hi Shan, Sent you an email but you haven't responded. Have got High genuine receivers. Kindly Whatsapp:+1702-907-4064 Email: richardbucks21@gmail.com Telegram: @MattyJ
  9. Have a got a Direct Sender for BGP now for a Good deal! Need Business Global Pay Receivers with Real MasterCard Asap (Direct Receivers and Mandates only) Should be able to payout in 3Hrs Reach me below; richardbucks21@gmail.com Whatsapp: +1 702-907-4064
  10. I'm looking for MS GISELA HUGEL WOHR OF HUGEL WOHR TECHNIK, sanitized slips for pay out is ready. Anyone that knows her or have a direct contact with Mandates should contact Asap. I can be reached via the following; Whatsapp: +1 702-907-4064 Telegram: @MattyJ Email: richarbucks21@gmail.com
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