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  1. Looking for investment funds transfer from sender via: Card to Card Transfer. Visa or Master Card to Receiver's Master Card. Volume: total 100m $ Corporate Master Card Receiver . RWA. Contact please.
  2. Hello RDK, I have Paypal account to receive funds. eur5m per day please contact globalfortune9@gmail.com Roy
  3. Do you have Terminal machine to receive funds from Visa Debit Card? This post offline system. PreAut Completion 1 step. If yes, are you the owner? I am serious. My partner is ready to transfer eur1b. Sharing is 50% sender 40% receiver 10% broker/consultant (Mine) Testing: eur1.00 1st Tranche: eur100m 2nd Tranche: 450m 3rd Tranche eur450m Can your terminal receive large amount? You have to provide me your KYC and photo and video of your terminal. Please contact promptly. Roy Chong Malaysia email: globalfortune9@gmail.com
  4. Please contact me. Sender needs visanet receiver. RWA. Contract in hand,
  5. Hello, I have whatsapp you. Roy, Malaysia
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