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  1. I am a reliable strong and capable receiver and I am real and can close any deal and make payout for all involved in the transaction. MT103 MT103/202 MT104 DD TR TT & RTGS We can do F2F and TTM Scotia Bank Trinidad and Tobago First Citizen Bank Trinidad and Tobago Royal Bank Canada Trinidad and Tobago
  2. I Am A Receiver For TT & RTGS I Can Receive Telegraphic Transfers & RTGS Bank: First Citizen Bank Country: Trinidad And Tobago Direct Mandate & Senders Only Please TT & RTGS CURRENCIES I CAN RECEIVE Canadian Dollars Euro Dollars USD Dollars GBP Dollars E-mail: jmd@jmdtrade.com Website: https://www.jmdtrade.com/ My CIS Is Available Only If We Have A Real Transaction (No Internet Junk)



    National Westminister

    International Trade and Banking

    8th Floor, Drapers Gardens

    12 Throgmorton Avenue






    Bank of New York N.Y., 1 Wall Street

    ABA #021000018



    The Royal Bank of Canada

    180 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5J1J1, Canada




    Deutschebank Frankfurt Germany



    E-mail: jmd@jmdtrade.com

    Website: https://www.jmdtrade.com/

  4. What Is a Receiver Bank Trust Account? Most banks offer Trust Bank Account’s as an optional service. In a Trust Bank Account , a trustee controls funds for the benefit of another party - an individual or a group.The Bank Trust Account is a useful way to convey and control assets on behalf of a third-party owner. With a Trust Bank Account investors, Senders , brokers, consultant’s and intermediaries are all protected by the trust bank account and commission and all payments are directly made to everyone by the Trust Bank Account Bank Officer / Paymasters with compliance of the DOA or Contract and ICC 619 & 664 IMFPA. JMD INVESTMENT & COMMODITIES TRADING RECEIVER TRUST BANK ACCOUNT. Receiver MT103 & MT103/202 Cash Wire Transfer Trust Bank Account My bank is Westpac Australia 🇦🇺 it is a Trust Banking Account with unlimited capacity and Paymaster Services(Free Of Charges To All Investor/Senders) and can also open offshore bank accounts for any Investor/Sender’s wanting this kind of service. The facility is only available to an investor/sender when he does a transaction with the receiver for MT103 or MT103/202 Cash Wire Transfer only (NO MANUAL DOWNLOAD) Come do business with comfort and a piece of mind of assurance that you are getting paid once involved in any transaction. With The Trust Bank Account your payment is GUARANTEED. MT799 Pre Advice or With POF Westpac Bank Australia 🇦🇺 does not send any swifts ahead of a transfer. If WestPac Bank Australia 🇦🇺 receive a Pre advice or MT799 from Sender s Bank, Westpac Bank will confirm automatically that it is RWA to receive. Upon receipt of Funds MT103, WestPac Bank will automatically send an answerback confirming receipt of Funds and will provide a Reference No. together with Name of Operator that received bank swift. Here, everything is on automatic and all International Transactions are handled by Westpac Bank, International Department in Sydney (HO) which does its compliance and then lodges Funds into our Trust Account for Payout. If the sender agrees to how it works, sign the DOA and a copy will be with the bank awaiting the start of the transaction. E-mail: jmd@jmdtrade.com Website:https://www.jmdtrade.com/
  5. Bank To Bank Transaction Only Receiver Bank Officer To Sender Bank Officer KTT DTC IPIP MT103 Swift. Com Manual Download No Time Wasters Please E-mail: jmd@jmdtrade.com Website: https://www.jmdtrade.com/
  6. IPIP & DTC RECEIVER/DEVELOPER VIETNAM 🇻🇳 WITH MT199 PROCEDURES. The Investor/Sender Will Send To The Receiver/Developer Bank Officer 1. The Investor/sender must send Tear Sheet and BCL and 3 Slips (Black, Yellow, and Blue) 2. The sender's Bank Officer will send A. Bank Confirmation Letter (BCL) B. 3 Slips (Black, Yellow and Blue) C. POF (Proof of Funds) tearsheet D. All download & final codes are sent directly to the receiver bank officer E. A.B.C.D goes directly to the receiver's Bank Officer E. The receiver banker officer details is in the CIS with email and phone number. Bank Account Tear-sheet Procedures Please tell your sender to send the tear sheet directly from his bank officer to the receiver's bank officer and copy the Vietnam woman receiver/developer name. The tear sheet is not meant to pass through anyone, but from the sender bank officer direct to the receiving bank officer in Vietnam. The bank offers will inform us that the tear sheet has been sent. Meanwhile your sender will also let you know he has sent it. Then you let me know. Thanks. FOR THE RECEIVER/DEVELOPER. The Investor/Sender will send to the receiver/developer as follows. 1. Sender CIS 2. Sender Contract or DOA Vietnam 🇻🇳 Trade Facilitator: JMD Investment & Commodities Trading. E-email: jmd@jmdtrade.com Website: https://jmdtrade.com/
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