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  1. The receiving account is a TRUSTEE ( ESCROW ) account at Commerzbank Germany. And we can start with 1B euros. Without fear of blocking funds Please come with contract I'm not giving any CIS, CIS will be on the contract after checking it and knowing the terms and conditions. I don't deal with CIS pickers. We can sign contracts in 2 hours time. ONLY SERIOUS SENDERS FOR THE BELOW INSTRUMENTS GPI ***NO MANUALS*** SDD B2B SEPA MT199 MT104 ALLIANCE LITE 2 ***NO MANUALS*** LEDGER 2 LEDGER SWIFT.NET NORMAL ***NO MANUALS*** SWIFT.COM NORMAL ***NO MANUALS*** DIRECT WIRE TRANSFER MT103 ONE WAY CASH TRANSFER MT103/202 NORMAL CASH TRANSFER MT103 SINGLE CUSTOMER CASH TRANSFER WhatsApp +35799119317
  2. Hi, I am currently looking for a Silent Partner/Investor to consider investing in an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity with me!!! This is a massive new project. The Company & Factory is based in Germany. The manufacturing process & technology are already patented Worldwide!!! It is going to go off, 100%... The Market launch is in cooperation with the Kastner Agency (*Global Lead Agency for Red Bull) Have already invested €4M up to now! This is something worth considering and having a serious look at. If you are interested and would like to discuss it with me and get more information, please contact me ASAP!!! Whatsapp +35799760683 email : wood.man8347@gmail.com
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