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  1. Happy new year too . Yes we provide VisaNet & Alliance lt2 . Please keep in touch using our contacts details. Thank you. Hello Sheila, we have answered you twice, hope you received already
  2. Dear Bernard Gay, Please refer to our link to contact us, we are not monitoring the pm's. Regards,
  3. Visa provides the global platforms, systems and processing services needed by members to develop and run card payment businesses. It also contributes to the establishment of standards for global interoperability and security and new technologies in the card payments industry. VisaNet is the computer and telecommunications network which links Visa’s member financial institutions worldwide with the two Visa Interchange Centres. Each of these centres is capable of processing every Visa transaction in order to ensure the regular working of the system should a disaster put one out of action. Two applications are managed through VisaNet: the Base I authorisation service and the Base II clearing and settlement service. We at Cryptoffshore.net Group , help our customers since 2007, with worldwide company incorporation, banking arrangements and financial tools like VisaNet. Feel free to contact us Cryptoffshore.net Team
  4. Dear members, We are providing corporate services , don't hesitate to visit us or contact us - VisaNet accounts - Offshore companies & bank accounts - Anonymous companies - Nominee services - Developer tools : Huawei & iOs developer enterprise - Forex license - Gambling license - Paymaster - High risk processor - Crypto exchange without KYC --- www.cryptoffshore.net
  5. The ultimate money maker tool !

    The ultimate company set up to make money
    ( No visit or papers required )
    What does it include?
    • Company incorporation
    ( EU or Offshore jurisdiction )
    • Nominees service director & shareholder
    ( you don't appear in any registrar of companies, fully anonymous and respecting your privacy )
    • 3 Crypto-Friendly Bank accounts
    ( internet banking, plastic & virtual cards, dedicated IBAN )
    • Paypal verified business account
    • Skrill verified business account
    • Payment gateway
    • 1 year registered adress
    • Virtual phone number ( calls & sms )
    Price : 4590 € . 3000 €*
    Limited time offer until 2019-12-06
  6. Dear members, Let us introduce our company : cryptoffshore.net We offer corporates services such as : company formation In/Offshore, Banking arrangements, Nominees services, High risk processing, VisaNet, Apple developer enterprise, Crypto-FIAT without KYC and ICO since more than a decade. We are Online services provider so all our services are REMOTELY done. With Headquarters in Hong Kong and Panama, we will be pleased to arrange meet. Have a great day, Cryptoffshore.net customers support www.cryptoffshore.net
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    • Sammy Olugbenga

      hsbc HongKong personal account is available, Bank of China HongKong business account is available,  hsbc switzerland account is also available.  
      Sender needed for these accounts.
      If interested, kindly text me on WhatsApp on +16026380341
      Pls only sender or mandate should text me.  Long chain of brokers are not welcomed. Thanks !
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    • Sammy Olugbenga

      I urgently need an offline pos!!! If you have it, kindly text me on WhatsApp via +16026380341
      All necessary documents and contract are  available with fresh POF and approval code will be generated. 
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    • Aaron Hanks

      I urgently need HSBC azz  KUWAIT for wire transfer.  DM asapI urgently need HSBC azz  KUWAIT for wire transfer.  DM asap
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