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  1. Rio Ral


    Hi, we are direct receiver of wire transfer. My business parter is in business trip now in Dubai. Available for a face to face if you are a sender. Give a buzz
  2. Rio Ral

    old TRN

    Is there anyone able to deal with old TRN?
  3. Please contact me if you have a real Mac sender. Receiver is ready
  4. Mac sender needed. Urgent!

    1. MHASSAN


      +971 528670666 (whatsup)

      i have receiver 

    2. Rio Ral

      Rio Ral

      I need a sender!

    3. MHASSAN


      I have western union global account receivers in Germany , USA , Singapore , Hong Kong , UAE , all details and CIS available, only serious senders no time wasters  - please whatsup +971 528670666


  5. Mac Sender needed...

  6. I’m direct to real Mac receiver available on 45+5/45+5. Ready now

    1. Den den

      Den den

      I have a sender. Please contact me on whatsapp  +224660716747. We ready 5m€ weekly 

  7. Good Evening

    I have a MAC sender. For details please contact Mob: + 44 7581 322060 or email: sahammed05@gmail.com

    Thank You.



  8. Rio Ral

    Mac sender

    Hi there, I need a Mac sender. Receiver iN Europe ready...
  9. I need sender for MT103 manual download

    Whatsapp: +60164078566

  10. direct receiver for swift wire transfer,  i also can help finding Sender for 103 MD, Ip-Ip

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    2. Nino


      I have 2 strong IPIP, IPID and DTC receiver in hong kong sir, with Deutsche bank and HSBC respectively. Both with Government and Chinese Chamber of International commerce approval. Please whatsapp me with this link https://wa.me/2348082689101 or +2348082689101 I would love to do business with you 

    3. Goldreal


      Please, I have real and direct customers for IPIP. Contact me at ibtgroup@protonmail.com

    4. wanwei558


      I need a receiver!
      104-103/202 - Return 60% without debate and for you and the receiver 40%.104 - this is without upfront!Attached.

      103/202 - Return 65% without debate and for you and the receiver 35%.The receiver without payment receives 103 then immediately pays 300k and receives 202.Up to 103, the receiver shows a bank statement in the amount of 300k.Attached.

      DTC - For the return for the sender and me 35% and for you and your receiver 65%.The receiver and his bank officer should give this letter and then the sender will give the POF!There is no letter from the banker of the receiver - no pof - and no deal!Attached.

      Just choose a deal and I will send the contract!


  11. US Receicer available. Wells Fargo, JPM usd 50M limit
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      Have insta global sender in Chennai?
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    • international crime control bureau  »  sadnessclubworldwide@gmail.com

      i need www.indianglobalpay.ga receiver  in india  chandigarh  rajpura    ambala  delhi
      i need indianglobalpay.ga
      i need indian global pay
      cont 6280063284
      whatsapp 8699586364
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    • Aaron Hanks

      We currently receive
      ANY SENDER can cooperate with us, but we only receive automatic , we will not use any code to download or query.
      🚨 The sender must send MT199 via Swift (not via email). As long as the content of the file is correct, the sender does not need to sign or stamp.
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