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  1. We are looking for SENDER ALLIANCE LITE 2. We have a receiver who is the head of one of the most prestigious banks in European countries, paying the Alliance Light 2 within 48 hours. He is ready to invite the sender or the sender representative to the bank at his own expense for the trust discussion, or to send you a live account or by filing the sender index along with his account online. Whatsapp: 989198183640
  2. The Iranian Currency Association has been set up and friends can work there as well. IPIP/IPID/DTC/SWIFT ..... Address :http://www.bizod.ir
  3. HELLO, We have sender for dtc transaction. We do it by contract and without MT199 and without bank officer only server. SERVER TO SERVER My WhatsApp Number: +989198183640
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    • Sammy Olugbenga

      hsbc HongKong personal account is available, Bank of China HongKong business account is available,  hsbc switzerland account is also available.  
      Sender needed for these accounts.
      If interested, kindly text me on WhatsApp on +16026380341
      Pls only sender or mandate should text me.  Long chain of brokers are not welcomed. Thanks !
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    • Sammy Olugbenga

      I urgently need an offline pos!!! If you have it, kindly text me on WhatsApp via +16026380341
      All necessary documents and contract are  available with fresh POF and approval code will be generated. 
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    • Aaron Hanks

      I urgently need HSBC azz  KUWAIT for wire transfer.  DM asapI urgently need HSBC azz  KUWAIT for wire transfer.  DM asap
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