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  1. There was a transaction of 49million direct cash done in our account in HSBC Germany. The Receiver is looking for the sender .. If the sender is on this forum .. contact me with Swift copy and contract ..
  2. Dubai does not do IPIP/S2s/any sort of Manual download! it is banned in UAE
  3. SWIFT GPI account available for receiving DIRECT transfer and Manual Download. Have setting with key logger B.O and access to server- receiving bank . Since this is a DIRECT deal .. i would like to prefer working with DIRECT senders and proxies only.. no chain no nothing! bluestar.trading.fze@gmail.com
  4. I am looking for this sender.. There are alot of contracts from this sender in the market.. i want someone who knows this sender or is dealing with this sender directly.. Bluestar.trading.fze@gmail.com cheers
  5. Sam Brook

    Mt103 lite2

    I have got Alliance lite 2 portal in hungary, I have applied for new portal in germany and swiss. I also have Alliance lite 2 in hongkong.. Which one do you prefer? Remember i am not the broker.. i work directly on these accounts.. bluestar.trading.fze@gmail.com
  6. give me details .. i can arrange an account starting with those digits bluestar.trading.fze@gmail.com
  7. If you are sender we can work together.. I am DIRECT Alliance lite2 receiver in Hungary .. Does nt matter if you are using proxy or direct wire sender .. i accept all transactions ..
  8. I had never seen any IPIP/S2S/IPID or l2l deal happening .. nobody ever got paid in such deals.. i wonder why people waste their time on it..
  9. Our Company can receive 498m euros Per tranche via MT103/202 Manual Download Direct senders or Proxies can contact me via, bluestar.trading.fze@gmail.com
  10. We are working partner for Debt Management Company Hungary. Direct receiver for Alliance lite 2 funds. Remember We are not brokers so avoid getting into silly debates. Any genuine sender out there willing to work and get payout contact me. And, those sender who have claims over DEBT management can contact me along with these proof to make them look legit! Remember without these proofs i will not consider the sender legit! so do not waste time.. If the sender can provide me with the following documents i will consider them legit and they will get their PAYOUT .. 1) Swift MT103/202 Copy of their transaction, 2) Black Screenshot of their transfer 3) Debit note 4) Sender's CIS 5) 'If' they have Original DOA that they had signed prior sending the funds to our account. P.S : I will not entertain forged or fake documents and do not start with petty talks like PGL this and PGL that before proving your legitimacy over funds that you sent.. Prove your authenticity by providing me the documents mentioned above before talking about PGL's .. Contact me via, bluestar.trading.fze@gmail.com
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      I will help anyone needing any type of personal, real estate, commercial, merchant cash advance, business or any type of loan or funding or needing a investor for any real estate, business, or commercial projects for any startup or existing business or anyone needing Visanet, Global Pay, POS, IPIP, FX4,black, blue, and/or grey screens ip/idip/ip dtc ktt mt103 bg/sblc pos card transfers one-way and two-way online/offline mt103 DTC ,MT104 senders, Completion / Sale completion / Auth Completion/ Pre Auth Completion - 6 Digit Auth Code Forced Sale / Forced Post/ Force - 6 Digit Auth Code Offline / Offline sale - 6 Digit Auth Code Ticket Only - 6 Digit Auth Code Voice auth/ Voice Authorization - 6 Digit Auth Code Compra - 6 Digit Auth Code Purchase advice - 6 Digit Auth Code Phone Order - 6 Digit Auth Code Pre Auth + Completion 2 Step (1:10 1:100 1:1000 1:Unlimited) Virtual POS - 6 Digit Auth Code SWIFT GPI, SEPA, MT103/ 202, Wire Transfer, IPIP, Ledger to Ledger, DTC or bank draft, or any other type of commercial wire transfer or MT103, MT104, MT760, proof of funds or any bank instruments or anyone needing gold, oil, gas, tantalite, steel or any type of commodities, anyone needing any financial services since I have sources that are actually able to do so and you are welcome to reach me anytime at 956-240-0517!
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      [02.07, 15:11] Vic: If there are any downloads to this bank, which are on the bank and not on The Global, we can try to tighten the account and disperse.
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