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  1. من گیرنده کارت های انتقال هوشمند هستم ... بارکلی ها ... دسته ها من به فرستنده احتیاج دارم


  2. I want, what's your procedure: +27842951548 WhatsApp
  3. Hi Rusike, are you a MT104 GPI receiver?
  4. Mooki Masuku


    I need a receiver for MT104 GPI. I will need CIS and proforma invoice. WhatsApp +27842951548
  5. We produce 150tons of both Tiger Eye and Red Jasper from our mine in SA per week.
  6. HDFC Bahrain we have receiver

    HSBC we have receiver

    Noor Bank we have receiver

    Emirates Islamic we hare receiver

    RAK we have receiver

    IndusInd Bank Dubai  

    UBL we have receiver (unlimited) 

    City Bank Dubai 500ml $ limit

    Standard charted

    Douche Bank 


    Also internationally we have sources for receiving with many banks


    Western union receivable: USA, Canada, HK, Germany, Singapore, UAE 


    Need to know KYC or Non KYC deals?

    Need to know the commission %

    Need to know the sending location where to where?

    Need to know withdrawal or bank to bank transfer

    Need to know the deal is genuine or just timewaster


    Al serious deals only welcome please –

    No timewaster


    We don’t accept manual downloading

    We don’t accept IPIP Transactions


    Only swift, TT, MT 103/ 202 direct wire transfer acceptable


    Currency Exchange

    Mob: +971 528670666 (whatsup

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    2. MHASSAN


      yes brother please send and tell me the deal KYC OR non KYC 


    3. Joseph


      what is your whatsapp?


    4. MHASSAN


      +971 528670666

  7. We can receive up to $10m per transaction in SA. My WhatsApp +27842951548
  8. 2020 Start with Minimum 1 Million for Trade Minimum 1M USD EURO GBP Face Value. TEAR SHEET PROGRAM ONLY FOR CASH FUNDS (Cash Holding) Program has a 20% to 25% weekly historical payout per week for 40 weeks (but it may be paying more)
  9. We need a MT103/202 .net receiver My WhatsApp +27842951548 Email: maxikaprocurement@gmail.com
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