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  2. We are Receiver’s for normal MT103 | MT103/202 TT/Wire Transfer ($/€) and located in East Africa. We are a visible company that is operating in perpetuity, which means we are not interested in all senders but those who can only be able to meet various terms and our own KYC Standards. Our Limits are Contract Based. It means we can receive funds from whatever small amount to a higher amount assuming the Sender has a favorable KYC. Also, the Party to receive funds from us upon our Office receiving the tranches will need to have a positive KYC. We are not only interested in receiving the funds but quality Senders. Caution: We advise that all senders: a). That have the intention of making prepayments proposals to stay away. Should you think of any “Prepayments” please go ahead and secure an Insurance Cover over the funds for be sent. The assumption is that whoever is at risk, is the one to seek protection. b). That have the intention of requesting for a Payment Guarantee Letter (PGL) under our company letterhead, we will provide. c). That need a PGL signed by the Bank or under the Bank’s letterhead, you will have to pay all necessary prepayments to the Bank before sending the Investment Funds. It is a standard procedure across all Banks that are to take risks under any PGL. Conclusion: If you are interested in our services or collaboration, please let us have your contact and we will get in touch.
  3. 1. Amount Range: $/€ 500K to $/€ 5M. 2. The share split is paid out in one bullet payment. 3. We don’t pay upfront/prepayments whatsoever. 4. We are in Kenya. 5. Safe Wire Transfers or similar translations only. (no charge or roll backs).
  4. Interested Sender, We are a well established and regulated business entity, which makes us more visible and easy to trace or locate. We focus on specialized models of financials services touching on Foreign Investments and Immigration Investments. As a result, we are well versed with transfer of large sums of money from various countries and enhance legal protection. We are open to handle Cash/Wire Transactions under KYC upto €/$2B per transaction. Our percentage is 35% regardless of it being a KYC. We do not mind face to face transaction if you are willing to come at our location. PS: Please do not get in touch with us if you are going to ask for any prepayments. If interested, please PM me your email or phone number and we will get in touch. We look forward to doing business with whoever wants to deal.
  5. I'm looking for a direct sender for Cash/Wire Transfers, we do business. We are only capable of handling Cash/Wire Transfers of various magnitudes up to $/€ 2B. We are direct receivers in Kenya. No intermediaries involved from our end. PM me or Leave your contact, I will reach out.
  6. We are now into mt103 one way/wire transfer. This was after facing some challenges with MD recently.
  7. Greetings, Our Office is interested receiving funds under Direct Wire Transfer and should not have charge backs or recalls. We can request our Bank to provide a PGL under our Bank's Manager for purposes of assurance your share is released. Also, other than the tranches, we will need to know how much will be sent in total so that everything is done appropriately. We prefer KYC type of Transactions. Leave your contacts or PM me then we will pick it up from there.
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