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  1. I have a Payoneer Osjetljivi sadržaj if you can send your BUSINESS GLOBALPAY /INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL PAY and INSTA GLOBAL PAY to his Payoneer Wallet he can process it at this ratio 40% BTC to you the Citlivý obsah 40% Osjetljivi sadržaj 20% me plz contact me via my whatsapp +18176069734
  2. i have Lloyds of London acct holder who lives in London.MT103 cash wire transfer also sorry your Citlivý obsah won`t have no access nor password/username plz contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734 we will work with you on the % we are real and ready
  3. I am looking for MT103 auto Citlivý obsah for i have my AXOS BANK here in the united states that can receive any unlimited mt103 auto cash wire transfer ok.this is my personal acct.ratio as follows 70% Citlivý obsah 30% me contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734
  4. I have a (UBS BANK) in Switzerland MT103 GPI Receiver we need real MT103GPI Senders( plz no bullshit) upto 500m tranches ratio as follows 50% your sender he/she pays you 40% my Receiver 5% me Receiver side/close 5% Receiver mandate /close i have his current cis only for those real senders contact me via my whatsapp +8176069734
  5. plz contact me asap  my whatsapp+18176069734

    i have a trillon $$ MT103 GPI sender ok

  6. my Globe Pay receiver who is a dear friend and no broker chain gang on our side ok! his bank is in Turkey and Katilim is his bank can payout in 6 hrs or less in BTC once the sender funds are posted in his acct 75% payout .he can do f2f in turkey if the sender is real and ready he lives there in turkey he owns a const.co. and better yet he is a registered certified crypto BTC seller .contact me via my whatsapp +18176069734 for i`m in the states .we will beat any bonified % from any other globe receiver if their offer% is legit we are not here to get into some bidding war for we have the c
  7. another day another post from me i have a Globe pay (not Insta / not Business pay ) that stuff isn`t real money some damn play money Globe pay is real money why do you think there aren`t that many hardly any real Globe Pay Senders coz they don`t have the real money do the math people ! i have a Globe Pay Inc.Receiver in Turkey pays out in BTC 6 to 12 hrs after the sender funds have posted in his acct. safe 10k daily tranches to start listen people plz understand whats going on here contact and lets close and get paid today!timewaters,liars and scam
  8. again and again i post my receiver is Global Pay Global Pay Global Pay not Insta not Business but Global Pay coz it`s real money this other bullshit Insta and international and business is a play money timewasting bullshit scene ok here me well on this you guys who are going down this bottomless no return payouts on your money trust me i know been there done that! leave those alone unless it`s Global Pay why is it so hard for you people not get it!!! my Globe Pay receiver again is in turkey pays back 60% via BTC and in 6 hrs or less once sender funds have
  9. my daily limit to receive is 900.00 70% back to you in 24 hrs i am the act /card holder me nobody else the reason i like under 1.000.00 it doesn`t bring attention to the transaction so if you are small time which i am then this is for you and i to make some knockaround $$$$$ ok last you won`t have no online access you won`t get my social security card nor my drivers license so plz don`t ask if this isn`t for you then don`t reply plain and simple my whatsapp+18176069734 i have AXO
  10. i`m in the states contact me +18176069734 i won`t give you my username nor my password if this is what you are looking for disregard this and leave it period!!
  11. I agree 100% Let's weed out these scammers and timewasters!
  12. My Pos receiver should have his 6 digit offline terminal up and running by monday (En Shah Allah ) we need one 6 digit offline pos sender just one real pos sender/loader no scammers timewasters no money so call loaders need to contact me !!!!!!! min 5m loads ratio as follows 45% pos receiver 45% sender 10% me if you can`t accept this ratio go elsewhere!!!!!!!! will need the following no exceptions front/back of card sender cis curent no older than 3 day old blk screen pof i need these items to me by sunday!!!!
  13. My Globe Pay sender in Turkey who will payout 60% in 12 hrs or less with BTC once the sender funds clear his bank 100k to 500k max daily tranches plz we aren`t Insta / International nor Business Pay we are Globe Pay /Globe Pay /Globe Pay Receiver contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734
  14. if you have a activated card contact me +18176069734 if you are real we might can do some business bullshit scammers stayaway!
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