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  1. plz contact me via my whatsapp +18176069734 in the states asap for i have a mt103/202md receiver ratio is 45% sender 5% me 50% receiver
  2. if you have a strong mt103/202 md receiver who can do this ratio then plz contct me via my whatsapp +18176069734 here in the states
  3. plz contact me asap via my whatsapp in the united states +18176069734
  4. i have a client in london neding and looking for a ista global receiver .ratio as follows 50% sender close 45% receiver 5% me close need to be real,have cis and we need to know the timetable for which i`m paid my 5% and sender gets his 50% !if you can`t abide by the ratio ans such don`t reply move on but if this is for you and you are direct to the receiver then plz contact me via my whatsapp +18176069734 for im in the states!
  5. i have in my hand a mt103MD contract looking for a receiver asap a real receiver no bullcrap ratio is 45% receiver 5 % me 50% sender if ok with this contact me in the united states via my whatsapp+18176069734
  6. i have a online access wells fargo acct here in the united states ratio 75/25 contact e via my whatapp+18176069734
  7. i have a mt103/202 manual sender needs a real receiver ration needed is 45 %receiver 45% sender 10 % me if can do and ratio ok contact me via my whatsapp +18176069734
  8. united states .read my post regardng needing a 6 digit pos offline receiver if you aren`t the direct receiver or direc to the receiver i`m not interested if you are and you have read and fuly understand what we are looking for then contact me via my whatsapp +1817 606 9734 here in the states looking for a receiver who can present me with a current video todays date and my name Richard Anderson we do 1.00 test followed by 2m usd load daily ratio as follows 45% receiver 40% my loader/sender 15% me ,Richard
  9. i have in Kolkata for a face to face meeting 1.000 test followed by 20.000 tranches ratio 45% receiver 40% sender 15% me contact me via my whatsapp + 18176069734 here in the united states
  10. Contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734 you won`t have to be at risk by loading your card to somebody you don`t know card come on if you have a real loader with pof and proof that he card is his/her then i have the offline pos 6 digit receiver for you 10.00 test max upto 10m usd /euros daily loads ratio as follows 50% receiver 40% loader /card holder 10% me
  11. plz contact me asap via my whatsapp+18176069734 for i have in hand code and pics of my loaders card 1.00 test followed by 3m usd daily loads ratio as follows 40% receiver 10% you 40 % my loader 10% me
  12. wells fargo acct my asking ratio is as follows 70% to sender 30% to me receiver mt103 only from sender 12 to 24 hrs payback !this is my acct no brokers!! mt103 my receiver friend in the U.K. ratio as follows 60% sender 30% receiver 10% me 12 to24 hrs payback again we are receivers ,we are looking for direct real senders ,no brokers! contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734
  13. i need 6 digit pos offline receiver i need todays video with my name richard Anderson then 1.00 test followed by 3m daily loads prefered ratio as follows 45% loader 45% receiver 10% me contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734
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