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  1. no problem with the video given with your code set a time for monday morning but i need the passport,card ,min 1m to 5m daily acceptance and blk screen pof sent to my email to lock your loader in the 1 slot left it`s vital i get these asap raoilandgas953@gmail.com
  2. let`s do 2.5 you 2.5 me 45 loader 50 receiver i need the updated blk screen shot card and passport 24 to 48 hrs payout we have to communicate via my whatsapp +18176069734 there`s only 1 slot left
  3. i have a 6 digit offlime pos receiver in central america ratio 45% loader 5% me 50% receiver 1m to 5m daily load max we will need the photo of the card,passport,updated screen shot and code for the first load contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734 be real or begone!!!
  4. i have a direct 6 digit offline receiver in central america i need te loaders front& back photo of the debit card passport updated blk screen shot of the pof and the code min per day 1m upto 5m daily loads ratio as follows 45% loader 5% me 50% receiver we aren`t going to haggle over the commission structure that i have just posted here if you are direct and ready to close and no broker daisy chain then contact me asap via my whatsapp+18176069734 first come first serve 1 slot available!!
  5. I have the following Transactions & Receivers 1.MT103 cash wire transfer Banks are Lloyds of London and Starling in the U.K. 2.NONKYC MT103 cash wire transfer Katilim Bank in Turkey 3. MT103-202 MD Misdirecton no MT199 Receiver in Indonesia Ratio as follows 50% Sender 45% Receiver close 5% Me Richard Receiver side close contact me only if you are direct no broker chain whatsapp+18176069734
  6. how may i help you ? plz contact me via my whatsapp+1817669734 plz english ok thanks
  7. wha t more can i say i have a direct direct Globe Pay Inc. Reeiver in Turkey i am direct period! stop shopping and contact me and close the deal my whatsapp+18176069734 if you have a direct real sender stop wasting your time with these brokers who are middlemen i am direct direct to the receiver!!!
  8. my Coin Base Receiver & Globe Pay Inc. is in Turkey my whatsapp is +18176069734 in the usa
  9. we can do F2F in Turkey whatsapp+18176069734 i have auto(no manual) mt103 wells fargo receiver for cash wire transfer in the usa for f2f real and ready sender to meet the receiver
  10. my mt 103 AUTO non kyc (NOT MANUAL) receiver is in Turkey his bank is Katilim nonkyc AUTO mt103 ratio as follows 55% +5% sender side 45% receiver side close contact me via my whatsapp +18176069734 P.S.he is also a Globe Pay Inc.receiver same Bank P.S..S. I also have MT103 Auto Receiver (NOT MANUAL) who has a Wlls Fargo acct here in the states 50% sender side 50% receiver side close
  11. I have a direct non kyc mt103 receiver Katilim Bank in Turkey ratio as follows 60% sender /pays you 40% receiver /pays me also have a mt103-202MD Receiver in indonesia ratio 50% sender 50% receiver plz contact me asap via whatsapp+18176069734
  12. i have direct mt103 cash wire receiver for the following united states banks wells fargo j.p morgan and citibank we have insider to ensure of no blockage nor freezing of the payments can payout in 48 hrs via BTC if sender prefers ratio as follows 55% sender 45% receiver /i`m paid by the receiver upto 49m per tranche if interested plz contact me via my whatsapp+18176069734 in the states p.s. also mt103 cash receiver in London Lloyds of London , Starling Bank in the U.K. and Katilim Bank in Turkey same ratio
  13. if you are looking for a real Globe Pay Receiver then as i stated contact me first my whatsapp +18176069734 i am not into nonsense broker internet games i`m direct to the receiver direct!!
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