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  1. You got USAA account with online access, US and Canada credit cards, HELO.

    a client with a high credit score, contact me for a good business or a business account that can take a good cheque. 

    I am here to make all this happen and we share some good $$$

  2. USAA needed with online access for $5000 everyday all through this China virus crisis, let’s make some money money 

    1. Dan Scott

      Dan Scott

      is it still available 


    2. Click that
  3. Where do you have your accounts and why are you not on WhatsApp?
  4. I receive any amount in the US and Canada , and I pay to anywhere in the world , I know the China virus has put a lot to a hut , but not to worry, I’m here to make your work more easily.

    my contact is on my profile and my wall 

  5. Looking for partners in the US , Colorado or Wyoming, Nevada State, Florida and Utah 

  6. Got a good client with a good credit score, contact me after the crisis of China virus, in the US , I issue good cheque, just have it in mind and contact me ones everything is in order

  7. I have got a Bank of America Ira account and other accounts
  8. If you have wire tools contact me , don’t come asking to run a wire for you if you don’t have the right tools for it , I’m a loader not a red cross ☦️ office 

  9. I’m a loader, I am picker , any money coming to your States , contact me , any amount, no matter how big is the fund , I can handle it .

    for all you that has US clients that has HELO and credit cards, bring them let me clear whatever it is your client is owing . 

    Some accounts can be loaded too , but we need to discuss about it , if you’re in some of the states I need , like Colorado, Utah, Wyoming 

    stay blessed 

    1. Maison Musil

      Maison Musil

      whatsapp me +15598257463  I have some account I need wire to be run on

    2. Click that

      Click that


  10. Tomorrow is Monday, to all you that has a US client and partner, bring them to me let’s make some more money. Stay blessed 

  11. Do your have a direct contact with a bank director or CEO, for an IPIP and S2S transaction. Don’t contact if you got nothing please 

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